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Field Models in Electricity and Magnetism


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About this book


Covering the development of field computation in the past forty years, Field Models in Electricity and Magnetism intends to be a concise, comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to field models in electricity and magnetism, ranging from basic theory to numerical applications.

The approach assumed throughout the whole book is to solve field problems directly from partial differential equations in terms of vector quantities.

Theoretical issues are illustrated by practical examples. In particular, a single example is solved by different methods so that, by comparison of results, limitations and advantages of the various methods are made clear.

The subjects of the synthesis of fields and of the optimal design of devices, which are growing in research and so far have not been adequately covered in textbooks, are developed in addition to more classical subjects of analysis.

Topics covered include:

  • vector fields: electrostatics, magnetostatics, steady conduction;
  • analytical methods for solving boundary-value problems;
  • numerical methods for solving boundary-value problems;
  • time-varying electromagnetic field;
  • inverse problems;
  • optimization.

Field Models in Electricity and Magnetism results from the cooperation of three authors in teaching electromagnetic theory at various levels and in different countries.


ALF Computational electricity and magnetism Computer-aided design in electromagnetism Direct and inverse problems Electrostatics Finite-element modelling of electric and magnetic devices Numerical methods in electrical engineering Operator differential equation electricity finite element method finite elements numerical methods optimization partial differential equation

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  2. 2.Technical University of LodzPoland

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