Groundwater Dynamics in Hard Rock Aquifers

Sustainable Management and Optimal Monitoring Network Design

  • Shakeel Ahmed
  • Ramaswamy Jayakumar
  • Abdin Salih

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    Pages i-xiv
  2. N. S. Krishnamurthy, Subash Chandra, Dewashish Kumar
    Pages 64-86
  3. K. Subrahmanyam, Haris H. Khan
    Pages 93-99
  4. J. C. Maréchal, B. Dewandel, K. Subrahmanyam, R. Torri
    Pages 100-111
  5. J. C. Maréchal, Faisal K. Zaidi, B. Dewandel
    Pages 112-122
  6. J. C. Maréchal, L. Galeazzi, B. Dewandel
    Pages 134-141
  7. Faisal K. Zaidi, Benoît Dewandel, Jean-Marie Gandolfi, Shakeel Ahmed
    Pages 142-149
  8. P. S. N. Murthy, Tanvi Arora, Shakeel Ahmed
    Pages 150-171
  9. Shakeel Ahmed, K. Devi
    Pages 172-178
  10. Shakeel Ahmed, Dewashish Kumar, Aadil Nabi Bhat
    Pages 179-190
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 249-251

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Groundwater is of utmost importance in the arid and semi-arid environment. The areas in such regions are forced to face a variety of problems regarding groundwater as it is the main source of water no matter for any use viz., drinking, domestic, irrigation or industrial particularly for the rural population. The main challenges in hard rock areas in the semi-arid region are the water conservation, management and planning of the water resources. This is further complicated with several complexities of the geological formation. With the semi-arid environment, complex geological settings and over shooting stresses, the aquifer system becomes extremely fragile and sensitive. In spite of a good amount of research in this field, it is still needed to understand the behaviour of such complex system precisely and also apply the result in reasonably larger scales. Therefore, the present research is focused on improving the knowledge on the structure and functioning of the aquifer system in hard rock terrain.


Aquifer Modeling GIS Geostatistics Groundwater Hard Rocks Pumping Tests environment hydrogeology water water management water resources

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