Educating in the Arts

The Asian Experience: Twenty-Four Essays

  • Lindy Joubert

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxii
  2. Introduction and Overviews

    1. Alison Carroll
      Pages 31-45
    2. Vibeke Jensen, George A. Attig
      Pages 47-52
  3. Arts Education Programmes: Iran, Hong Kong, Cambodia

    1. Mahmoud Mehrmohammadi
      Pages 55-64
    2. Jane Cheung
      Pages 65-81
    3. Sam-Ang Sam
      Pages 83-99
  4. The Arts, the Gallery and the Cultural Landscape: Japan, Australia, Kyrgyzstan and Thailand

  5. Creativity and Expression in the Digital Age – Singapore and Japan

  6. The Arts, Education and the Community: Uzbekistan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, and the Philippines

  7. Music Programmes for Education, Multiculturalism and Human Development: Japan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Korea

  8. Theatre, Dance and the Holistic Experience: India, Hong Kong and Malaysia

    1. Sangeeta Isvaran
      Pages 275-287
    2. Joseph Gonzales
      Pages 289-300
    3. Subodh Patnaik
      Pages 301-311
    4. Yuewai Wong
      Pages 313-329
  9. Conclusion

    1. Lindy Joubert
      Pages 333-343
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 345-356

About this book


Written by leaders in a wide range of creative fields and from all corners of the Asian region, this collection of essays presents arts and education programs which reflect traditional and contemporary practices. The volume brings together researchers, practitioners, educators, children and young people with shared interests in the arts and activities that cross disciplinary divisions and aims to encourage the use of the arts in developing international understanding, celebrating cultural diversity, building cultural bridges and creating cross-cultural dialogue throughout the Asian region. This book arose out of the need to promote not only arts and educational practices; but also the research and evaluations being achieved in the field. Writing about their own practical experiences, the authors explore linkages between creativity and discipline; social organisation and individual expression and how inventiveness and economic productivity are inextricably linked.


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