Developments in Fish Telemetry

Proceedings of the Sixth Conference on Fish Telemetry held in Europe

  • Pedro R.  Almeida
  • Bernardo R. Quintella
  • Maria J.  Costa
  • Andrew Moore
Conference proceedings

Part of the Developments in Hydrobiology 195 book series (DIHY, volume 195)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-VII
  2. Human Impacts and Fisheries

    1. Pedro R. Almeida, Bernardo R. Quintella, Maria J. Costa, Andrew Moore
      Pages 1-4
    2. Tor F. Næsje, Amber-Robyn Childs, Paul D. Cowley, Warren M. Potts, Eva B. Thorstad, Finn Økland
      Pages 25-34
    3. Rolf Sivertsgård, Eva B. Thorstad, Finn Økland, Bengt Finstad, Pål Arne Bjørn, Niels Jepsen et al.
      Pages 35-42
  3. Migration and Behaviour

    1. Y. Makiguchi, H. Nii, K. Nakao, H. Ueda
      Pages 43-54
    2. Morten Stickler, Knut Alfredsen, David A. Scruton, Curtis Pennell, Atle Harby, Finn Økland
      Pages 81-89
    3. Michael J. W. Stokesbury, Ronan Cosgrove, Andre Boustany, Daragh Browne, Steven L. H. Teo, Ronald K. O’Dor et al.
      Pages 91-97
    4. Eva B. Thorstad, Finn Økland, Bengt Finstad, Rolf Sivertsgård, Núria Plantalech, Pål Arne Bjørn et al.
      Pages 99-107
    5. Takashi Yokota, Reiji Masuda, Nobuaki Arai, Hiromichi Mitamura, Yasushi Mitsunaga, Hiroyuki Takeuchi et al.
      Pages 109-120
  4. Species Conservation and Habitat Rehabilitation

    1. Eva C. Enders, Karen E. Smokorowski, Curtis J. Pennell, Keith D. Clarke, Brent Sellars, David A. Scruton
      Pages 133-142
    2. Caroline Geeraerts, Michaël Ovidio, Hilde Verbiest, David Buysse, Johan Coeck, Claude Belpaire et al.
      Pages 143-153
  5. Methodology and New Technology

    1. Bjørn Ådlandsvik, Geir Huse, Kathrine Michalsen
      Pages 187-197
    2. John W. Beeman, Neil Bower, Steve Juhnke, Laura Dingmon, Mike van den Tillaart, Tom Thomas
      Pages 221-229
    3. Eva C. Enders, Keith D. Clarke, Curtis J. Pennell, L. M. Neil Ollerhead, David A. Scruton
      Pages 231-242
    4. K. C. Hanson, S. J. Cooke, C. D. Suski, G. Niezgoda, F. J. S. Phelan, R. Tinline et al.
      Pages 243-256
    5. Kathy H. Hodder, Jerome E. G. Masters, William R. C. Beaumont, Rodolphe E. Gozlan, Adrian C. Pinder, Carolyn M. Knight et al.
      Pages 257-269
    6. G. Lembo, P. Carbonara, M. Scolamacchia, M. T. Spedicato, R. S. McKinley
      Pages 271-280
    7. Tommi Linnansaari, Jean-Marc Roussel, Richard A. Cunjak, Jo H. Halleraker
      Pages 281-287

About these proceedings


This volume includes 33 peer-reviewed papers presented at the Sixth Conference on Fish Telemetry held in Europe (Sesimbra, Portugal, 5-11 June 2005). The papers focus on the application of aquatic telemetry techniques by scientists to investigate fundamental aspects of animal biology in order to conserve and manage natural resources. The topics addressed in this issue are human impacts and fisheries, migration and behaviour, species conservation and habitat rehabilitation, and methodology and new technology.

This book is aimed at scientists and engineers actively involved in aquatic telemetry projects, aquatic biologists (marine and freshwater), fisheries biologist and managers.


FishTelemetry FisheriesManagement Habitatrehabilitation ecosystem fisheries fisheries management

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  • Pedro R.  Almeida
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  • Bernardo R. Quintella
    • 2
  • Maria J.  Costa
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  • Andrew Moore
    • 3
  1. 1.Department of BiologyUniversity of ÉvoraPortugal
  2. 2.Institute of OceanographyFaculty of Sciences University of LisbonPortugal
  3. 3.Centre for EnvironmentFisheries & Aquaculture ScienceLowestoftUnited Kingdom

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