Enhancing Teaching and Learning through Assessment

  • Steve¬†Frankland

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxiii
  2. Assessment in Action

    1. Cathy S. P. Wong, Carmela Briguglio, Sundrakanthi Singh, Michael Collins
      Pages 3-30
    2. James Oldham, Adrian Freeman, Suzanne Chamberlain, Chris Ricketts, Stephen Gomez, Richard Osborne et al.
      Pages 31-61
    3. Steve Frankland, Janis Moody, Rob Cowdroy, Anthony Williams, Nona Muldoon, Chrisann Lee
      Pages 63-108
    4. George Hoefflin, Linda Allal, Lorraine Stefani, Steve Thornton, Sue Wilson
      Pages 109-139
  3. Embedded Strategies and their Impact

    1. Steve Frankland, Pauline Cho, Neil James, Mike Miles, Chris Ricketts, Cheryl Burton et al.
      Pages 143-195
    2. Winnie Cheng, Martin Warren, Richard Tucker, Larry W. Belbeck, Shucui Jiang, Nicoleta Nutiu et al.
      Pages 197-278
    3. Chris Dillon, Catherine Reuben, Maggie Coats, Linda Hodgkinson, Sue A. Fellwock-Schaar, Pamela C. Krochalk et al.
      Pages 279-322
  4. Approaches in Practice

    1. Stephen Gomez, David Lush, Catherine Layton, Pauline Cho, Catherine Tang, Kevin O'Toole
      Pages 325-379
    2. Sue Trinidad, Robert Fox, Paul Lam, Paula Hodgson, Josephine Csete, Pippa Nelligan et al.
      Pages 381-441
    3. Marilyn A. Campbell, Denise Frost, Joanna Logan, Gipsy Chang, Josephine Csete, Gjyn O'Toole et al.
      Pages 443-487
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 489-495

About this book


Assessment is the daily life of a teacher; designing plans, setting questions, giving feedback and grading are all activities that teachers undertake on a regular basis.  Yet, the close examination of such activities can be hindered by constraints caused by the context in which different teaching and learning activities occur and an unawareness of the effect that assessment has on the students themselves.

This book provides a practical guide on the effective use of assessment.  It includes the use of assessment tools and pedagogical design that help students deepen their learning. Major issues on assessment and some excellent examples are presented as a useful resource to university teachers in enhancing teaching and students' learning.  It will also be found useful by teachers when implementing various assessment methods. School administrators and teaching development professionals will find the book useful when making decisions related to learning and teaching issues in their institutions.


Constructive alignment Outcome based assessment Student learning Teacher Professional Development Teaching and Learning in Higher Education learning teaching

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