Models, Mysteries and Magic of Molecules

  • Jan C.A. Boeyens
  • J.F. Ogilvie
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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIV
  2. Howell G.M. Edwards, Michael D. Hargreaves
    Pages 1-28
  3. Elena Boldyreva
    Pages 167-192
  4. Gert J. Kruger, Dave G. Billing, Melanie Rademeyer
    Pages 219-231
  5. Aloysio Janner
    Pages 233-254
  6. Zorka Papadopolos, Oliver GrÖning, Roland Widmer
    Pages 255-281
  7. Martin Egli, Rekha Pattanayek, Sabuj Pattanayek
    Pages 283-299
  8. Andy Becue, NATHALIE MEURICE, Laurence Leherte, Daniel P Vercauteren
    Pages 301-323
  9. Gideon Steyl, Andreas Roodt
    Pages 325-340
  10. Giovanni Ferraris, Marcella Cadoni
    Pages 365-390
  11. Mihall Atanasov, Peter Comba, Claude A. Daul, Frank Neese
    Pages 411-445
  12. Jan C.A. Boeyens
    Pages 447-475
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 477-484

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Molecular behaviour, which is no less than magical, holds the key to the understanding, not only of chemistry, but of all biology and of life itself. It is a mystery why molecular behaviour should remain poorly understood and why the authoritative theories of physics have produced no more than superficial models to elucidate this vital issue.

An interdisciplinary international team of experts came together to document and to probe various aspects of these fundamental questions and their startling conclusions confirm the need for a fresh look at the physical sciences with a view to better understand the mysteries and magic of molecules. This book explores the common ground to guide chemists, biologists, crystallographers, spectroscopists and theorists into a deeper recognition of their individual relevance towards painting a holistic picture of scientific endeavour. This effort to stimulate interest in multidisciplinary research is rare, if not unique.


Crystallography PAC Termination cluster cyanobacteria electronics molecule

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  • Jan C.A. Boeyens
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  • J.F. Ogilvie
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  2. 2.Universidad de Costa RicaCosta Rica

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