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  2. Anne Willems
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  3. R. Rivas, A. Peix, P. F. Mateos, M. E. Trujillo, E. Martínez-Molina, E. Velázquez
    Pages 23-33
  4. H. A. Alikhani, N. Saleh-Rastin, H. Antoun
    Pages 35-41
  5. Ramos Solano B., M. T. Pereyra de la Iglesia, A. Probanza, J. A. Lucas García, M. Megías, F. J. Gutierrez Mañero
    Pages 59-68
  6. A. E. Richardson
    Pages 85-90
  7. P. Kämpfer
    Pages 101-106
  8. E. Velázquez, M. E. Trujillo
    Pages 107-109
  9. S. Srivastava, M. T. Kausalya, G. Archana, O. P. Rupela, G. Naresh-Kumar
    Pages 117-124
  10. Susana B. Rosas, M. Rovera, J. A. Andrés, N. S. Correa
    Pages 125-128
  11. L. Alvarez-Manrique, A. Richards, E. Soriano
    Pages 129-133

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Last decade has seen a significantly increased knowledge about phosphate solubilizing microorganisms. Sixty specialists from thirteen countries met in Salamanca to discuss the problems of the high P-unavailability as a soil nutrient for crops, and the hazards of an increasing phosphate input to aquatic habitats from industrial and mining activities, sewage disposal, detergents, and other sources. Updated solutions to enhance P-uptake by plants, bioremediation potential in the rehabilitation of ecosystems, taxonomic characterization interactions with mycorrizae, the physiological and molecular basis of PSM, and possibilities of genetic modifications of rhizospheric microorganisms were among the contributions presented. Challenges in commercializing a phosphate solubilizing microorganism were also outlined by a relevant biotech company. The book will fill a gap in agricultural libraries and it is a wish of the editors to attract the attention of agronomists, environmentalist, technocrats and administrators holding responsibilities in the field of soil conservation and sustainable agricultural production.


biodiversity ecosystem ecosystems environment genetics microorganism soil

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