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Marine, Freshwater, and Wetlands Biodiversity Conservation

  • Editors
  • David L. Hawksworth
  • Alan T. Bull

Part of the Topics in Biodiversity and Conservation book series (TOBC, volume 4)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-VI
  2. David L. Hawksworth
    Pages 1-2
  3. Jasenka Topić, Zvjezdana Stančić
    Pages 3-13
  4. Zhongqiang Li, Dan Yu, Wen Xiong, Dong Wang, Manghui Tu
    Pages 49-76
  5. Jelena Blaženčić, Branka Stevanović, Živojin Blaženčić, Vladimir Stevanović
    Pages 77-89
  6. Jean-Marc Paillisson, Sebastien Reeber, Alexandre Carpentier, Loic Marion
    Pages 101-112
  7. Shane R. De Solla, Kim J. Fernie, Glenn C. Barrett, Christine A. Bishop
    Pages 113-129
  8. Paola M. Peltzer, Rafael C. Lajmanovich, Andres M. Attademo, Adolfo H. Beltzer
    Pages 131-145
  9. A. I. Camacho, T. Torres, C. J. Puch, J. E. ORTIZ, Antonio G. Valdecasas
    Pages 159-173
  10. Thuy T. T. Nguyen, Sena S De Silva
    Pages 175-200
  11. Fábio Soller Dias Da Silva, José Roberto Manna De Deus, Alexandre Wagner Silva Hilsdorf
    Pages 201-209
  12. Uttam Kumar Sarkar, Prashant Kumar Deepak, Raje Singh Negi, Shriprakash Singh, Dhurendra Kapoor
    Pages 211-221

About this book


Marine, coastal and wetland habitats are threatened, not only through exploitation, but also by the prospect of climate change – as ocean currents change course, sea levels rise, and rainfall patterns change. Even the once-common cod is now under threat from the combined effects of over-fishing and a dramatic change-induced decrease in the plankton that cod larvae feed on. Meanwhile, coral reefs remain especially vulnerable to rapid sea-level changes exacerbated by the effects of tourism and disease.

This book gathers together a wide range of papers reporting on key research into the biodiversity conservation of these critical and increasingly threatened habitats. Collectively these papers provide a snap-shot of the types of problems they are experiencing, and offer a wealth of topical examples which render this volume especially valuable to teachers of courses in marine, freshwater and wetlands ecology, biological conservation and ecological restoration.

Reprinted from Biodiversity and Conservation 15:11 (2006).


Biodiversity Ecology Fauna environment plankton reefs species diversity sponges wetland

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