Focusing Telescopes in Nuclear Astrophysics

  • Editors
  • Peter von Ballmoos

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-2
  2. Scientific Requirements and Prospects

  3. Gamma-ray Optics

    1. Carsten P. Jensen, Kristin K. Madsen, Finn E. Christensen
      Pages 93-103
    2. Ernst-Jan Buis, Marco Beijersbergen, Giuseppe Vacanti, Marcos Bavdaz, David Lumb
      Pages 105-113
    3. M. P. Ulmer, M. E. Graham, S. Vaynman, J. Echt, M. Farber, S. Ehlert et al.
      Pages 115-120
    4. J. Tueller, H. A. Krimm, T. Okajima, S. D. Barthelmy, S. M. Owens, P. J. Serlemitsos et al.
      Pages 121-129
    5. Fiona A. Harrison, Finn E. Christensen, William Craig, Charles Hailey, Wayne Baumgartner, C. M. H. Chen et al.
      Pages 131-137
    6. Giovanni Pareschi, Philippe Ferrando
      Pages 139-149
    7. Hubert Halloin, Pierre Bastie
      Pages 151-170
    8. P. Courtois, K. H. Andersen, P. Bastie
      Pages 195-200
    9. Robert K. Smither, Khaliefeh Abu Saleem, Dante E. Roa, Mark A. Beno, Peter Von Ballmoos, Gerry K. Skinner
      Pages 201-210
    10. Niels Lund
      Pages 211-217
    11. Alessandro Pisa, Filippo Frontera, Gianluca Loffredo, Damiano Pellicciotta, Natalia Auricchio
      Pages 219-228
    12. D. E. Roa, R. K. Smither, X. Zhang, K Nie, Y. Y. Shieh, N. S. Ramsinghani et al.
      Pages 229-239
    13. F. Frontera, A. Pisa, G. Loffredo, D. Pellicciotta, V. Carassiti, F. Evangelisti et al.
      Pages 241-251
    14. Peter von Ballmoos, Hubert Halloin, Jean Evrard, Gerry Skinner, Nikolai Abrosimov, Jose Alvarez et al.
      Pages 253-267
    15. N. Barrière, P. von Ballmoos, H. Halloin, N. Abrosimov, J. M. Alvarez, K. Andersen et al.
      Pages 269-278
    16. Craig Brown, Nicola Rando, Alexander Short, Aleksander Lyngvi, Tone Peacock
      Pages 279-288
    17. G. K. Skinner
      Pages 289-298
    18. John Krizmanic, Brian Morgan, Robert Streitmatter, Neil Gehrels, Keith Gendreau, Zaven Arzoumanian et al.
      Pages 299-306
    19. Laurent Koechlin, Denis Serre, Gerald K. Skinner, Peter Von Ballmoos, Thomas Crouzil
      Pages 307-315
  4. Focal Plane Instrumentation

    1. Ernst-Jan Buis, Marco Beijersbergen, Stefan Kraft, Alan Owens, Francesco Quarati, Sytze Brandenburg et al.
      Pages 333-339
    2. Ezio Caroli, Natalia Auricchio, Lorenzo Amati, Yuriy Bezsmolnyy, Carl Budtz-Jørgensen, Rui M. Curado da Silva et al.
      Pages 341-351
    3. Ezio Caroli, Rui M. Curado da Silva, Alessandro Pisa, John B. Stephen, Filippo Frontera, Matilde T. D. Castanheira et al.
      Pages 353-364
    4. C. B. Wunderer, P. von Ballmoos, N. Barrière, S. E. Boggs, G. Weidenspointner, A. Zoglauer
      Pages 365-373
    5. G. Weidenspointner, C. B. Wunderer, N. Barrière, A. Zoglauer, P. von Ballmoos
      Pages 375-386
    6. Steven Boggs, Mark Bandstra, Jason Bowen, Wayne Coburn, Robert Lin, Cornelia Wunderer et al.
      Pages 387-394
    7. Robert Andritschke, Andreas Zoglauer, Gottfried Kanbach, Peter F. Bloser, Florian Schopper
      Pages 395-403
  5. Ground Facilities and Flight Systems for Focusing Telescopes

    1. M. J. Freyberg, H. Bräuninger, W. Burkert, G. D. Hartner, O. Citterio, F. Mazzoleni et al.
      Pages 405-412
    2. Gianluca Loffredo, Filippo Frontera, Damiano Pellicciotta, Alessandro Pisa, Vito Carassiti, Stefano Chiozzi et al.
      Pages 413-420
    3. Rodolphe Clédassou, Philippe Ferrando
      Pages 421-434
    4. Xavier Leyre, Michel Sghedoni, Francis Arbusti, Primo Attina, Peter von Ballmoos
      Pages 455-464
    5. John Krizmanic, Neil Gehrels, Gerry Skinner
      Pages 497-503

About this book


This volume is the first of its kind on focusing gamma-ray telescopes. Forty-eight refereed papers provide a comprehensive overview of the scientific potential and technical challenges of this nascent tool for nuclear astrophysics. The book features articles dealing with pivotal technologies such as grazing incident mirrors, multilayer coatings, Laue- and Fresnel-lenses - and even an optic using the curvature of space-time.

The volume also presents an overview of detectors matching the ambitious objectives of gamma ray optics, and facilities for operating such systems on the ground and in space. The extraordinary scientific potential of focusing gamma-ray telescopes for the study of the most powerful sources and the most violent events in the Universe is emphasized in a series of introductory articles.

Practicing professionals, and students interested in experimental high-energy astrophysics, will find this book a useful reference


Experimental Astrophysics Flight systems for focusing telescopes Focal plane instrumentation Gamma-ray Optics Nuclear Instruments Nuclear medicine Treaty verification Universe astrophysics

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