Photosystem I

The Light-Driven Plastocyanin:Ferredoxin Oxidoreductase

  • John H. Golbeck

Part of the Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration book series (AIPH, volume 24)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXXXIII
  2. Egbert J. Boekema, Roman Kouřil, Jan P. Dekker, Poul Erik Jensen
    Pages 41-46
  3. Petra Fromme, Ingo Grotjohann
    Pages 47-69
  4. Nathan Nelson, Adam Ben-Shem
    Pages 71-77
  5. James Barber, Jon Nield, James Duncan, Thomas S. Bibby
    Pages 99-117
  6. Roberta Croce, Tomas Morosinotto, Roberto Bassi
    Pages 119-137
  7. Anna Haldrup, Poul Erik Jensen, Henrik Vibe Scheller
    Pages 139-154
  8. Sergei Savikhin
    Pages 155-175
  9. Navassard V. Karapetyan, Eberhard Schlodder, Rienk van Grondelle, Jan P. Dekker
    Pages 177-192
  10. Andrew N. Webber, Velupillaimani M. Ramesh
    Pages 193-204
  11. Yumiko Sakuragi, Donald A. Bryant
    Pages 205-222
  12. Fabrice Rappaport, Bruce A. Diner, Kevin Redding
    Pages 223-244
  13. Vladimir A. Shuvalov, Andrei G. Yakovlev, L. G. Vasilieva, Anatoly Ya. Shkuropatov
    Pages 291-300
  14. Alexey Yu. Semenov, Mahir D. Mamedov, Sergey K. Chamorovsky
    Pages 319-338
  15. Marion C. Thurnauer, Oleg G. Poluektov, Gerd Kothe
    Pages 339-360
  16. Kevin Redding, Art van der Est
    Pages 413-437
  17. John K. Hurley, Gordon Tollin, Milagros Medina, Carlos Gómez-Moreno
    Pages 455-476
  18. Toshiharu Hase, Peter Schürmann, David B. Knaff
    Pages 477-498
  19. Michael Hippler, Friedel Drepper
    Pages 499-513
  20. Gaozhong Shen, John H. Golbeck
    Pages 529-548
  21. Alexander Fish, Konstantin Kogan, Rachel Nechushtai
    Pages 549-569
  22. David Mauzerall
    Pages 571-581
  23. Christopher C. Moser, P. Leslie Dutton
    Pages 583-594
  24. Thomas Renger, Eberhard Schlodder
    Pages 595-610
  25. Pierre Joliot, Anne Joliot, Giles Johnson
    Pages 639-656
  26. Kintake Sonoike
    Pages 657-668
  27. Jason Raymond, Robert E. Blankenship
    Pages 669-681
  28. Miguel A. De la Rosa, Fernando P. Molina-Heredia, Manuel Hervás, José A. Navarro
    Pages 683-696
  29. Back Matter
    Pages 697-715

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ATP Biophysics FTIR NADP NADPH Transport algae electron transport enzymes metabolism optical spectroscopy photosystem pigment-protein reductase thermodynamics

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