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General History of the Caribbean

Volume VI: Methodology and Historiography of the Caribbean

  • B. W. Higman

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxii
  2. B. W. Higman
    Pages 1-2
  3. Mervyn C. Alleyne
    Pages 19-45
  4. David Buisseret
    Pages 46-62
  5. Hilary McD. Beckles
    Pages 63-94
  6. Jean Stubbs
    Pages 95-135
  7. Laënnec Hurbon
    Pages 136-161
  8. Franklin W. Knight
    Pages 200-232
  9. Francisco A. Scarano
    Pages 233-282
  10. Kusha Haraksingh
    Pages 283-307
  11. Bridget Brereton
    Pages 308-342
  12. Fé Iglesias Garcia
    Pages 343-387
  13. Roberto Cassá
    Pages 388-416
  14. Fernando Picó
    Pages 417-450
  15. Michel-Rolph Trouillot
    Pages 451-477
  16. Howard Johnson
    Pages 478-530
  17. Margaret D. Rouse-Jones
    Pages 531-543

About this book


Volume6 looks at the ways historians have written the history of the region depending upon their methods of interpretation and differing styles of communicating their findings. The authors examine how the lingual diversity of the region has affected the historian's ability to coalesce an historical account. The second half of the volume describes the writing of history in the individual territories, taking into account changes in society, economy and political structure. This volume concludes with a detailed bibliography that is comprehensive of the entire series.


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B.W. Higman is the William Keith Hancock Professor of Australian History at the Australian National University.

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