Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Introduction

    1. Daniele Caramani
      Pages 1-18
  3. Elections in Comparison

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 19-20
    2. Daniele Caramani
      Pages 21-46
  4. Country Chapters

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 105-105
    2. Daniele Caramani
      Pages 107-147
    3. Daniele Caramani
      Pages 149-189
    4. Daniele Caramani
      Pages 191-249
    5. Daniele Caramani
      Pages 251-289
    6. Daniele Caramani
      Pages 291-373
    7. Daniele Caramani
      Pages 375-460
    8. Daniele Caramani
      Pages 461-515
    9. Daniele Caramani
      Pages 517-546
    10. Daniele Caramani
      Pages 547-603
    11. Daniele Caramani
      Pages 605-674
    12. Daniele Caramani
      Pages 675-696
    13. Daniele Caramani
      Pages 697-735
    14. Daniele Caramani
      Pages 737-775

About this book


The Societies of Europe is an 8-title series of historical data handbooks and accompanying CD-ROM sets on the development of Europe from the nineteenth to the twentieth century. The series is a product of the Mannheim Centre for Social research, a body dedicated to comparative research on Europe and one of the leading social research institutes in the world. It is a collection of datasets giving a clear and systematic study of long term developments in European society. The data is presented statistically and is clearly comparative. The Societies of Europe is the most comprehensive data series available on Western European social issues. Each book is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing datasets not included in the text enabling users to manipulate the data as wanted. Information is available in different programmes (Excel, SPSS and SAS) and in data structures for analysing, and building time series. This data handbook and CD-ROM records the results of all legislative elections held in 18 European countries collected at the level of single constituency for the first time. The collection of results has been made completely machine-readable according to standard rules across countries, historical periods and electoral systems.

About the authors

DR. DANIELE CARAMANI works at the Mannheim Centre for Social Research (MZES), a body affiliated to the University of Mannheim. The institute is one of the leading social science bodies in the world, and has its own data archive EURODATA, which is widely considered as unparalleled. He received his degree and masters from the University of Geneva and his PhD from the European University Institute of Florence. His most recent publications include (with Stefano Bartolini and Simon Hug) Parties and Party Systems, A bibliographic guide to the literature on parties and party systems in Europe since 1945 on CD-ROM', London. He is currently Professor in the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Florence and Urbino.

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' unrivalled source for current and future scholarship in the field...As a source book for electoral studies this is simply unparalleled...If this doesn't tempt researchers away from their traditional over-reliance on survey data, then nothing will. This is an essential book.' - Peter Mair, Leiden University, Party Politics

'This handbook will set the standard for what electoral handbooks should be like from now on...Certainly any serious student of European elections will wish to own it.' - Gary W. Cox, Lijphart Elections Archive