From Psychiatric Patient to Citizen

Overcoming Discrimination and Social Exclusion

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  • Liz┬áSayce

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    Pages i-viii
  2. Liz Sayce
    Pages 1-17
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    Pages 18-37
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    Pages 38-55
  5. Liz Sayce
    Pages 56-83
  6. Liz Sayce
    Pages 100-115
  7. Liz Sayce
    Pages 116-128
  8. Liz Sayce
    Pages 166-185
  9. Liz Sayce
    Pages 186-204
  10. Liz Sayce
    Pages 205-228
  11. Liz Sayce
    Pages 245-248
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 249-280

About this book


This book proposes theoretical models and practical strategies for tackling the widespread social exclusion faced by people diagnosed mentally ill. Based primarily on research in the US and UK but with reference to other international examples, it analyses evidence of discrimination and the effectiveness of different remedies: disability discrimination law, work to re-frame media and cultural images, grassroots inclusion programmes, challenges to the 'nimby' factor. It places the growing user/survivor and disability movements as central to achieving any radical change.


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