Feminist Debates

Issues of Theory and Political Practice

  • Authors
  • Valerie┬áBryson
  • Editors
  • Jo┬áCampling

Table of contents

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  2. Valerie Bryson
    Pages 8-44
  3. Valerie Bryson
    Pages 45-71
  4. Valerie Bryson
    Pages 72-89
  5. Valerie Bryson
    Pages 90-122
  6. Valerie Bryson
    Pages 123-147
  7. Valerie Bryson
    Pages 148-171
  8. Valerie Bryson
    Pages 172-194
  9. Valerie Bryson
    Pages 195-216
  10. Valerie Bryson
    Pages 217-222
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 228-267

About this book


Are women still oppressed? Is paid employment the key to liberation? Should pornography be banned? Do women have an absolute right to abortion? Can women in government really make a difference? This book draws on a wide range of theoretical, empirical and comparative material to provide a lucid account of feminist debates and the ways in which political disagreements stem from underlying theoretical assumptions. Clear and balanced in its assessment of different problems and perspectives, it offers an essential guide to contemporary feminist thinking and practice.


employment feminism gender government women

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