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The Global Politics of the Environment

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  2. Lorraine Elliott
    Pages 1-6
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    Pages 7-26
  4. Lorraine Elliott
    Pages 52-95
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    Pages 96-119
  6. Lorraine Elliott
    Pages 192-218
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    Pages 219-241
  8. Lorraine Elliott
    Pages 242-257
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 300-311

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Debates about the causes and impacts of global environmental degradation go to the heart of economic and political systems and raise fundamental questions about power and inequity in the contemporary world. This text provides a lucid and wide-ranging analysis of those debates and competing views on environmental governance, the crisis of capacity in the state system, the international political economy of the environment, strategies for sustainable development and the pursuit of environmental security.


Conservation economy environment Governance Institution political economy sustainable development

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