Regional Science: Perspectives for the Future

  • Manas Chatterji

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Manas Chatterji
    Pages 1-6
  3. Masahisa Fujita, Paul Krugman
    Pages 7-25
  4. Jean H. P. Paelinck
    Pages 80-87
  5. Marc-Urbain Proulx
    Pages 88-107
  6. Kingsley E. Haynes, Fred Y. Phillips, Rajendra K. Srivastava
    Pages 127-143
  7. Peter Nijkamp, Celeste Wilderom
    Pages 181-196
  8. Antoine S. Bailly
    Pages 197-206
  9. Tatsuhiko Kawashima, Iwan Azis, Michael Tane
    Pages 219-231
  10. Alexander Granberg
    Pages 248-262
  11. Hirotada Kohno, Yoshiro Higano, Yuji Matsumura
    Pages 296-313
  12. Ryosuke Ando, Shogo Kawakami, Naojiro Aoshima
    Pages 345-360
  13. Roger R. Stough, Kingsley E. Haynes
    Pages 384-398
  14. Takashi Takayama, John Williams
    Pages 399-410
  15. Back Matter
    Pages 411-422

About this book


This book contains up-to-date original contributions by some of the world's best known experts in the area of urban and regional science. Regional science provides the theoretical basis of urban and regional planning. The subject covers such topics as regional development, regional accounts, spatial price computation, regional and interregional knowledge networks and measurement of regional quality of life. A considerable amount of change has taken place in the spatial pattern of socio-economic activities and their interactions over the last half of the century leading to the need for more advanced tools of analysis in regional science. This book fulfils this need.


development economic geography regional development

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