Eco-Labelling and International Trade

  • Editors
  • Simonetta Zarrilli
  • Veena Jha
  • René Vossenaar

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Anil Markandya
    Pages 1-20
  3. Aaditya Mattoo, Harsha V. Singh
    Pages 37-53
  4. Pedro da Motta Veiga, Mário C. de Carvalho Jr, Maria Lúcia Vilmar, Heraldiva Façanha
    Pages 54-83
  5. Lily Ho, Diana Gaviria, Ximena Barrera, Ricardo Sánchez
    Pages 87-98
  6. Sophia Wigzell
    Pages 114-133
  7. Zbigniew Jakubczyk
    Pages 134-142
  8. Harmen Verbruggen, Saskia Jongma, Frans van der Woerd
    Pages 143-158
  9. Maria Isolda P. Guevara, Ramesh Chaitoo, Murray G. Smith
    Pages 159-188
  10. Ineke Giezeman, Frits Verhees
    Pages 195-205
  11. Rachel Crossley, Carlos A. Primo Braga, Panayotis N. Varangis
    Pages 228-250
  12. Janet Chakarian
    Pages 263-265
  13. John Henry
    Pages 272-276
  14. Environmental Choice Programme, Environment Canada
    Pages 296-304
  15. Mehmet Arda
    Pages 348-356
  16. Back Matter
    Pages 366-376

About this book


Eco-labelling is an increasingly popular way of meeting consumer's demands for environmental information about the products they purchase. The first book on this important subject collects contributions from the academic, policy-making and commercial spheres to look at the conceptual and practical issues, and to discuss how eco-labelling can be made effective and equitable, and must avoid distorting international trade to the detriment of developing countries.


environment European Union (EU) international trade Nation participation

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