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Nietzsche on the Struggle between Knowledge and Wisdom

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  2. Keith M. May
    Pages 1-29
  3. Keith M. May
    Pages 30-54
  4. Keith M. May
    Pages 55-79
  5. Keith M. May
    Pages 80-103
  6. Keith M. May
    Pages 131-150
  7. Keith M. May
    Pages 151-177
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 178-193

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In his notes Nietzsche refers to 'The Struggle between Science and Wisdom exhibited in the ancient Greek philosophers'. Nietzsche's own view about 'science' (learning) was to the effect that, at its best, it should be greatly respected yet always tested by the demands of personal wisdom. Keith May considers the meaning and implications of Nietzsche's belief in relation to philosophy up to the time of Aristotle, and then its bearing on modern (essentially nihilistic) attitudes, to which it supplies something of an antidote.


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