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    Pages 1-31
  3. Dinah Livingstone
    Pages 32-54
  4. Dinah Livingstone
    Pages 55-67
  5. Dinah Livingstone
    Pages 68-95
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    Pages 96-124
  7. Dinah Livingstone
    Pages 125-152
  8. Dinah Livingstone
    Pages 153-155
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 156-166

About this book


This poetry handbook is for anyone interested in poetry today - members of poetry workshops, students, or individuals at home. It covers traditional metres, sound patterns and forms but its emphasis is strongly on the more difficult questions of the rhythm, sound and shape of contemporary poetry. It discusses poetry's content and scope, poetry in society: both in Britain and by way of contrast, revolutionary Nicaragua. This is followed by a chapter on translating poetry. The conclusion makes some suggestions about where to look or go for poetry in Britain today.


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