A War against the People

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    Pages 21-45
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    Pages 46-75
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    Pages 76-93
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    Pages 94-109
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    Pages 110-127
  8. Hilary Andersson
    Pages 128-144
  9. Hilary Andersson
    Pages 145-160
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 174-191

About this book


Mozambique: A War against the People examines the nature of the war that has been waged by the Renamo rebels in Mozambique since 1976, and the profound effects that it has had on, in particular, the country's human infrastructure. The toll of the war has been manifested most dramatically in the geographical dislocation of a large section of the population. Along with the Frelimo government's policy failures this has served to limit socialist development in the past. It now threatens potential for development along the capitalist and democratic road.


Africa development government nature socialism war

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