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  2. Ideas and Institutions

  3. Case-Law and Precedent

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    6. Ian McLeod
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  4. Statute Law and Statutory Interpretation

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      Pages 225-225
    2. Ian McLeod
      Pages 233-252
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      Pages 253-268
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Legal Method provides a lively introduction to both the nature of the sources law and the techniques which lawyers use when handling those sources. This, the third edition of this well-established textbook, has been fully revised and updated in respect of both English and EU sources of law. The book is both a self-contained study as well as an invaluable foundation for further study of law. It is divided into three parts: Ideas and Institutions, Case-Law and Precedent, and Statute Law and Statutory Interpretation. The underlying theme is how uncertainties arise within the law and how the courts resolve them.

Previous editions have reproduced the right-recognising provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights. Now, with the Human Rights Act 1998 being brought into force during the lifetime of this edition, there is also a new chapter on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

The text is made accessible by lucid explanation rather than the dilution of content. The sources cited range from W.S.Gilbert and G. K.Chesterton to Alexander Pope and T.S.Eliot, in addition to a wealth of more conventional legal authorities.

IAN McLEOD is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Law at London Guildhall University. Following professional experience as a local government lawyer and as a prosecuting solicitor, he has specialised in Public Law and Legal Theory as well as Legal Method. He is the editor of Administrative Law Reports and the author of Legal Theory in the Macmillan Law Masters series.



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