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  2. Reading poetry

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    2. Barry Spurr
      Pages 3-12
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      Pages 13-30
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      Pages 31-44
    5. Barry Spurr
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  3. Poetry through the Centuries

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      Pages 57-57
    2. Barry Spurr
      Pages 58-60
    3. Barry Spurr
      Pages 61-89
    4. Barry Spurr
      Pages 90-133
    5. Barry Spurr
      Pages 134-165
    6. Barry Spurr
      Pages 166-198
    7. Barry Spurr
      Pages 199-224
    8. Barry Spurr
      Pages 225-258
    9. Barry Spurr
      Pages 259-290
  4. Back Matter
    Pages 291-315

About this book


Students of literature find poetry, and in particular the discussion or analysis of a poem, the most testing of literary-critical tasks. Yet poetry continues to be set for study, and students and teachers will continue to be confronted with the necessity of explaining how a poem 'works' - how its meaning is conveyed. Studying Poetry seeks to address the difficulties of that study and shows how they can be solved, with several examples of worked answers to essay and examination-style questions and assignments.


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