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    Pages i-x
  2. John Pitts
    Pages 1-19
  3. John Pitts
    Pages 20-34
  4. John Pitts
    Pages 71-82
  5. John Pitts
    Pages 83-97
  6. John Pitts
    Pages 98-117
  7. John Pitts
    Pages 118-135
  8. John Pitts
    Pages 136-152
  9. John Pitts
    Pages 153-161
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 162-171

About this book


This book offers a comprehensive and critical account of the changes introduced into the UK youth justice system by the 1998 Crime and Disorder legislation, and its implications for youth justice managers and professionals. It identifies strategies for the practitioner that address the impact of crime, the social predicament of the young offender and the effectiveness of formal and informal mechanisms of social control and social support, thereby showing ways of coming to grips with one of the most serious problems besetting the poorest members of our society.


crime politics prevention writing youth

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