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Winning Ways through Corporate Governance

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About this book


The motivation for writing this book is the authors' deeply held conviction that good governance is an essential element for any organisation that wishes to maximise its effectiveness. They are not alone in observing that in many cases companies or other organisations that perform badly are often poorly governed. Indeed, the key explanation for poor performance is often poor governance. This observation is not limited geographically and there are many examples from around the world. Concern with good governance is not just limited to the free enterprise system. It is universal.


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'A comprehensive guide to governance written in straightforward language, invaluable to anyone charged with governance.' - Paul Myners, Gartmore Investment Management PLC

'Band and Bain's analysis of company-investor relationships is perceptive and their recommendations both stimulating and practicable. Their book provides a valuable reference against which companies can review relations with all their investors and so seek to ensure that these relations are characterised by openness, accessibility and a mutual desire to enhance shareholder value.' - Gill Nott, ProShare (UK) Ltd

'This is a remarkably good book. It strikes an effective balance between many conflicting objectives. For example, corporate governance can be so narrowly defined that it involves issues which are of no concern to anyone other than the Company Secretary. Althernatively, it can be so widely drawn that it covers the whole range of corporate activity. Neville Bain and David Band have succeeded in identifying the essence of good governance so that their book is of real value to all who need to take the subject seriously.' - Tim Melville-Ross, Director General, Institute of Directors

'This book sets a challenging 'action plan' for the way in which boards should be designed and assessed...' Lisa Buckingham, Guardian