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    Pages 111-126
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    Pages 127-142
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    Pages 143-156
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About this book


From small beginnings in the 1970s, counselling in primary care has now become an established area of practice. It is well recognised that a significant proportion of patients in primary health care have psychological difficulties which are treatable at the 'coal face' before they develop into major problems. Mental health services can now reach a wider population more quickly with cost-effective therapeutic benefits. This text examines the intra - and inter-personal dynamics of primary care essential for counsellors and psythotherapists working in health centres and considers the advantage of multi-disciplinary and multi-agency collaboration.
The progressive approach will be of interest to all who work in primary care. They will recognise in it many of their day-to-day working dilemmas, especially in trying to balance the tension between commitment to individual patients and the demands of the wider organisation. Case illustrations are used to demonstrate the challenges and teamwork opportunities for both counsellors and doctors who work collaboratively. This book is essential reading for counsellors and psychotherapists who work in primary care and for the doctors and health authorities who employ them.


assessment care counseling health health care psychotherapy Therapeut therapy Training treatment

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