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The Subject of Speech Perception

An Analysis of the Philosophical Foundations of the Information-Processing Model


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  2. Helen Fraser
    Pages 38-73
  3. Helen Fraser
    Pages 74-124
  4. Helen Fraser
    Pages 125-160
  5. Helen Fraser
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  6. Helen Fraser
    Pages 212-214
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About this book


This book analyses and challenges the metatheoretical framework which supports information-processing models of human speech perception. The first part consists of a review of speech perception research in the information-processing paradigm; an overview of the cognitivist philosophy from which this approach takes its justification; and an introduction to some relevant themes of phenomenological philosophy. The second half uses the phenomenological insights discussed to demonstrate some inadequacies of cognitivism; to show how these inadequacies underlie problems with the information-processing theory; and suggests an alternative framework with significant change of focus.


cognitivism foundation model perception phenomenology philosophy subject

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