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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Keith Selby
    Pages 10-30
  3. Keith Selby
    Pages 31-56
  4. Keith Selby
    Pages 57-79
  5. Keith Selby
    Pages 80-99
  6. Keith Selby
    Pages 100-127
  7. Keith Selby
    Pages 128-137
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 138-141

About this book


This book provides a clear method of study which encourages students to construct their own interpretation of any of Dicken's novels. It helps students to identify a novel's major thematic concerns and interests and to argue a case purely from the evidence of the text. But it also moves beyond a straighforwardly thematic analysis to consider how a novel is put together and how it works. This in turn provides students with a way of identifying the distinctiveness of Dickens's fiction and with a way of structuring an intelligent critical response to any of his novels.


Charles Dickens fiction novel

About the authors

KEITH SELBY taught in higher education for seven years. He has published his own poetry, fiction, and many articles and reviews, as well a Screening the Novel: the Theory and Practice of Literary Dramatisation (with Robert Giddings and Chris Wensley, 1988).

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