Symposium on Mycotoxins in Human Health

The Proceedings of a Symposium held in Pretoria from 2nd to 4th September 1970 under the auspices of the South African Medical Research Council with the collaboration of the South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

  • Editors
  • I. F. H. Purchase

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxiv
  2. W. Nel, P. G. Kempff, M. J. Pitout
    Pages 11-18
  3. J. C. Schabort, M. J. Pitout
    Pages 19-29
  4. I. F. H. Purchase, M. Steyn
    Pages 47-51
  5. M. J. Pitout
    Pages 53-64
  6. J. M. Silva, C. Manso
    Pages 65-69
  7. Hiroshi Kurata, Shun-ichi Udagawa, Masakatsu Ichinoe, Shinsaku Natori, Setsuko Sakaki
    Pages 101-106
  8. W. H. Butler
    Pages 141-151
  9. S. J. van Rensburg, I. F. H. Purchase, J. J. van der Watt
    Pages 153-161
  10. Mamoru Saito, Makoto Enomoto, Makoto Umeda, Kohichiro Ohtsubo, Toshitaka Ishiko, Shunichi Yamamoto et al.
    Pages 179-183
  11. K. T. van Warmelo, W. F. O. Marasas, T. F. Adelaar, T. S. Kellerman, I. B. J. van Rensburg, J. A. Minne
    Pages 185-193
  12. Paul M. Newberne, Adrianne E. Rogers
    Pages 195-208
  13. I. F. H. Purchase, J. J. van der Watt
    Pages 209-213
  14. M. A. Crawford
    Pages 231-244
  15. I. F. H. Purchase, T. Gonçalves
    Pages 263-269
  16. T. C. Campbell, L. Salamat
    Pages 271-280
  17. I. F. H. Purchase, H. J. B. Joubert
    Pages 291-297
  18. Back Matter
    Pages 299-306

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