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A Postcolonial Critique of the Linde et al. v. Arab Bank, PLC “Terrorism” Bank Cases


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This book provides readers with a postcolonial reading of the case of Linde et al. v. Arab Bank, PLC, and argues that American courtrooms are being used by rhetors to tell Anglo-American stories about Hamas, the causes of the Second Intifada, and the importance of 'drying up' terrorist financing.


Middle East Hamas Intifada Palestine Terrorism Counterterrorism Anti-Terrorist Act Arab Bank Counterinsurgency Foreign Terrorist Organisations Lawfare Postcolonial Studies Institution insurgency terrorism

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  1. 1.Department of CommunicationsUniversity of UtahUSA

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Marouf Hasian, Jr. is Professor of Communication at the University of Utah, USA. He is the author of numerous books, more than 150 refereed articles and book chapters, and has written on such topics as drone warfare and lawfare, public acceptance of national security states, and the securitization of human rights rhetoric.

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