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Christians in Egypt

Strategies and Survival

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About this book


Christians in the Middle East have come under increasing pressure in recent years with the rise of radical Islam. In Egypt, the large Coptic Christian community has traditionally played an important political and historical role. This book examines Egyptian Christians' responses to sectarian pressures in both national and local contexts.


Christianity Copts Egypt sectarian tensions family religion community Middle East. Arab Muslim migration Tradition

About the authors

Andrea B. Rugh is Adjunct Scholar at the Middle East Institute in Washington DC, USA. She lived in the Middle East for more than 25 years, including six years in Egypt. She has published books on family in Egypt, childrearing in Syria, and political leadership in the UAE.

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“Christians in Egypt is a fascinating ethnography crafted with skill and clarity for a general readership. Andrea Rugh’s admiration for Madame Ansaf shines through, along with her sensitivity to the daily challenges of Christian and Muslim women learning how to live in a rapidly changing Bulaq together.” (Angie Heo, The Middle East Journal, 2016)