North Africans in Contemporary France: Becoming Visible

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  • Richard┬áL.┬áDerderian

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    Pages 47-69
  5. Richard L. Derderian
    Pages 71-102
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    Pages 121-144
  7. Richard L. Derderian
    Pages 145-154
  8. Richard L. Derderian
    Pages 155-169
  9. Richard L. Derderian
    Pages 171-180
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 181-218

About this book


Derderian looks at the large North African population in France and their attempts for recognition in a country which has long denied its rich immigration past and present. He considers how the North African community has developed from the late 1970s to the mid-1990s, especially in their political and cultural initiatives. Derderian examines the radio station Radio Beur and the television show La Famille Ramdam , as well as political initiatives and the role of ethnic minorities in defining prominent French sites of memory such as the working-class suburbs or banlieues and the Algerian War. Based largely on oral history, Derderian draws from a wealth of interviews with North African artists and creators as well as various French cultural actors.


community Europe France history identity immigration memory migration Minorities Nation national identity politics sociology television work

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