Generalised Thermostatistics

  • Jan Naudts

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  2. Parameter Estimation

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  3. Deformed Exponential Families

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About this book


The domain of non-extensive thermostatistics has been subject to intensive research over the past twenty years and has matured significantly. Generalised Thermostatistics cuts through the traditionalism of many statistical physics texts by offering a fresh perspective and seeking to remove elements of doubt and confusion surrounding the area.

The book is divided into two parts - the first covering topics from conventional statistical physics, whilst adopting the perspective that statistical physics is statistics applied to physics. The second developing the formalism of non-extensive thermostatistics, of which the central role is played by the notion of a deformed exponential family of probability distributions.

Presented in a clear, consistent, and deductive manner, the book focuses on theory, part of which is developed by the author himself, but also provides a number of references towards application-based texts.

Written by a leading contributor in the field, this book will provide a useful tool for learning about recent developments in generalized versions of statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, especially with respect to self-study. Written for researchers in theoretical physics, mathematics and statistical mechanics, as well as graduates of physics, mathematics or engineering. A prerequisite knowledge of elementary notions of statistical physics and a substantial mathematical background are required.


Exponential family of statistical models Microcanonical ensemble Nonextensive thermostatistics Tsallis entropy q-deformed exponential functions q-deformed logarithmic functions

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