Selected Topics in Cancer Modeling

Genesis, Evolution, Immune Competition, and Therapy

  • Elena Angelis
  • Mark A. J. Chaplain
  • Nicola Bellomo

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-15
  2. Natalia L. Komarova, Dominik Wodarz, C. Richard Boland, Ajay Goel
    Pages 1-30
  3. Abdelghani Bellouquid, Marcello Delitala
    Pages 1-17
  4. Benoît Perthame, Suman Kumar Tumuluri
    Pages 1-32
  5. David Basanta, Andreas Deutsch
    Pages 1-16
  6. Vittorio Cristini, Hermann B. Frieboes, Xiaongrong Li, John S. Lowengrub, Paul Macklin, Sandeep Sanga et al.
    Pages 1-69
  7. Alessandro Bertuzzi, Antonio Fasano, Alberto Gandolfi, Carmela Sinisgalli
    Pages 1-24
  8. Russell Rockne, Ellsworth C. Alvord Jr., Mindy Szeto, Stanley Gu, Gargi Chakraborty, Kristin R. Swanson
    Pages 1-15
  9. Sergey Astanin, Luigi Preziosi
    Pages 1-31
  10. Pier-Luigi Lollini, Arianna Palladini, Francesco Pappalardo, Santo Motta
    Pages 1-22
  11. Helen M. Byrne, I.M.M. van Leeuwen, Markus R. Owen, Tomás Alarcón, Philip K. Maini
    Pages 1-25

About this book


A major challenge in the modeling and simulation of tumor growth is the mathematical description of living matter, which is far more complex than a mathematical description of inert matter. One critical piece of this challenge is creating multiscale models that take into account subcellular, cellular, and macroscopic levels of cancer. The complexity of these different levels requires the development of new mathematical methods and ideas, which are examined in this work.

Written by first-rate researchers in the field of mathematical biology, this collection of selected chapters offers a comprehensive overview of state-of-the-art mathematical methods and tools for modeling and analyzing cancer phenomena.

Topics covered include:

* Genetic and epigenetic pathways to colon cancer

* A game theoretical perspective on the somatic evolution of cancer

* Nonlinear modeling and simulation of tumor growth

* Tumor cords and their response to anticancer agents

* Modeling diffusely invading brain tumors

* Multiphase models of tumor growth

* Mathematical modeling of breast carcinogenesis

* Predictive models in tumor immunology

* Multiscale modeling of solid tumor growth

Selected Topics in Cancer Modeling is an excellent reference for researchers, practitioners, and graduate students in applied mathematics, mathematical biology, and related fields. The book has an overall aim of quantitative, predictive mathematical modeling of solid tumor growth at all scales, from genetics all the way through to treatment therapy for patients.


Radiologieinformationssystem angiogenesis brain modeling breast carcinogenesis genetic and epigenetic pathways invasive wavefronts macroscopic models mathematical kinetic theory metastasis multiscale models stochastic evolutionary models surgery tumor cords tumor growth tumor imm

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  • Elena Angelis
  • Mark A. J. Chaplain
  • Nicola Bellomo

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