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Analog Filters Using MATLAB


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About this book


Analog Filters Using MATLAB provides a comprehensive overview of the theory and modern design methods for frequency-selective analog filters as well as describing how to select and design analog filters using MATLAB. The material covers the synthesis and design of classical passive filters with both lumped and distributed circuit elements, and active filters based on operational amplifiers, transconductors, and current conveyors. A supplementary toolbox in MATLAB is employed in order to minimize the need for advanced mathematics.

The author includes many topics such as filter technologies, terminology, and basic concepts, common frequency-selective filters, and advanced approximations. Discussions of passive LC filters with lumped elements and passive filters with distributed elements are also included. Other topics covered are basic circuit elements and their descriptions, first- and second-order sections using single and multiple amplifiers, coupled forms and signal scaling, and various methods for immitance simulation among others.

Analog Filters Using MATLAB can be used both at the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as for industrial designs. The author also includes a wealth of solved examples as well as end of chapter problems for both students and instructors.


Active Filters Analog Filters Approximation Theory Coupled Forms Distributed Elements Filter Immitance Simulation LC Filters Passive Filters Topological Simulation Translinear Filters Transmission Lines Wave Active Filters micro-alloy transistor

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