New Horizons

Reconnaissance of the Pluto-Charon System and the Kuiper Belt

  • C. T. Russell

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-iv
  2. C. T. Russell
    Pages 1-2
  3. Glen H. Fountain, David Y. Kusnierkiewicz, Christopher B. Hersman, Timothy S. Herder, Thomas B. Coughlin, William C. Gibson et al.
    Pages 23-47
  4. Yanping Guo, Robert W. Farquhar
    Pages 49-74
  5. H. A. Weaver, W. C. Gibson, M. B. Tapley, L. A. Young, S. A. Stern
    Pages 75-91
  6. Leslie A. Young, S. Alan Stern, Harold A. Weaver, Fran Bagenal, Richard P. Binzel, Bonnie Buratti et al.
    Pages 93-127
  7. Dennis C. Reuter, S. Alan Stern, John Scherrer, Donald E. Jennings, James W. Baer, John Hanley et al.
    Pages 129-154
  8. S. Alan Stern, David C. Slater, John Scherrer, John Stone, Greg Dirks, Maarten Versteeg et al.
    Pages 155-187
  9. A. F. Cheng, H. A. Weaver, S. J. Conard, M. F. Morgan, O. Barnouin-Jha, J. D. Boldt et al.
    Pages 189-215
  10. G. L. Tyler, I. R. Linscott, M. K. Bird, D. P. Hinson, D. F. Strobel, M. Pätzold et al.
    Pages 217-259
  11. D. McComas, F. Allegrini, F. Bagenal, P. Casey, P. Delamere, D. Demkee et al.
    Pages 261-313
  12. Ralph L. McNutt Jr., Stefano A. Livi, Reid S. Gurnee, Matthew E. Hill, Kim A. Cooper, G. Bruce Andrews et al.
    Pages 315-385
  13. M. Horányi, V. Hoxie, D. James, A. Poppe, C. Bryant, B. Grogan et al.
    Pages 387-402

About this book


The New Horizons mission provides the first in situ reconnaissance of the Pluto-Charon System and the Kuiper belt, arguably the last frontier of solar system exploration. This book describes the mission, its objectives, expected results, and instruments in articles written by the scientists and engineers most closely involved. The New Horizons mission is expected to return unique observations and discoveries, which will revolutionize our understanding of the formation of the solar system.

This volume is aimed at researchers and graduate students active in planetary science and space exploration, and all other potential users of data obtained by the instruments on board the New Horizons mission.


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