Meat Biotechnology

  • Fidel Toldrá

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIII
  2. Animal Biotechnology for the Enhancement of Meat Quality

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Morse B. Solomon, Janet S. Eastridge, Ernest W. Paroczay
      Pages 3-20
    3. John L. Williams
      Pages 21-60
    4. G.H. Shackell, K.G. Dodds
      Pages 61-88
  3. Biotechnology of Starter Cultures for Meat Fermentation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 89-89
    2. Luca Cocolin, Paola Dolci, Kalliopi Rantsiou
      Pages 91-127
    3. Pier Sandro Cocconcelli, Cecilia Fontana
      Pages 129-148
    4. Monique Zagorec, Jamila Anba-Mondoloni, Anne-Marie Crutz-Le Coq, Marie-Christine Champomier-Vergès
      Pages 149-165
    5. Amparo Querol, M Teresa Fernández-Espinar, Carmela Belloch
      Pages 167-179
    6. Elisabetta Spotti, Elettra Berni, Cristina Cacchioli
      Pages 181-195
  4. Biotechnology for Better Quality and Nutritional Properties of Meat Products

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 197-197
    2. Frédéric Leroy, Gwen Falony, Luc de Vuyst
      Pages 217-229
    3. Keizo Arihara, Motoko Ohata
      Pages 231-249
  5. Biotechnology for Safer Meat and Meat Products

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 251-251
    2. Catherine M. Burgess, Lucia Rivas, Mary J. McDonnell, Geraldine Duffy
      Pages 253-288
    3. Daniel Y.C. Fung, Jessica R. Edwards, Beth Ann Crozier-Dodson
      Pages 289-318
    4. Jaroslava Ovesná, Kateřina Demnerová, Vladimíra Pouchová
      Pages 319-334
    5. Eleftherios H. Drosinos, Marios Mataragas, Spiros Paramithiotis
      Pages 375-397
    6. Graciela Vignolo, Silvina Fadda, Patricia Castellano
      Pages 399-424
    7. Ron H. Dwinger, Thomas E. Golden, Maija Hatakka, Thierry Chalus
      Pages 453-465
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 467-499

About this book


Meat and meat products constitute some of the most important foods in western societies. However, the area of meat biotechnology is not as comprehensively covered as other areas of food biotechnology. Missing from this area are the recent developments for better sensory and nutritional quality as well as improved safety.

The main goal of this book is to provide the reader with the recent developments in biotechnology and their applications in the meat processing chain. To achieve this goal, the book is divided into four parts. The first part deals with the use of modern biotechnology applied to farm animals. The second part focuses on the recent biotechnological developments in starter cultures for better meat fermentation. The third part discusses current approaches to improve the quality and nutritional properties of meats. The final part presents the latest advances in protection against foodborne pathogens, and other recent trends in the field. Written by distinguished international contributors, this book brings together the advances in such varied and different biotechnological topics.


Toxin biotechnology enzymes food biotechnology food science genetics meat meat biotechnology meat science microorganism probiotic probiotics

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