Food Engineering: Integrated Approaches

  • Gustavo F. Gutiérrez-López
  • Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas
  • Jorge Welti-Chanes
  • Efrén Parada-Arias
Conference proceedings

Part of the Food Engineering series book series (FSES)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiv
  2. Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas, P. Juliano
    Pages 9-46
  3. M. G. Corradini, M. D. Normand, M. Peleg
    Pages 47-71
  4. M. F. Mazzobre, P. R. Santagapita, N. Gutiérrez, M. P. De Buera
    Pages 73-87
  5. S. K. Singh, R. Paul Singh
    Pages 89-104
  6. G. A. González-Aguilar, S. Ruiz-Cruz, R. Cruz-Valenzuela, J. F. Ayala-Zavala, L. A. De La Rosa, E. Alvarez-Parrilla
    Pages 105-115
  7. P. Fito, M. Le Maguer, N. Betoret, P. J. Fito
    Pages 117-137
  8. Jorge Welti-Chanes, F. Vergara-Balderas, E. Pérez, D. Bermúdez, A. Valdez-Fragoso, H. Mújica-Paz
    Pages 139-153
  9. S. M. Alzamora, P. E. Viollaz, V. Y. Martínez, A. B. Nieto, D. Salvatori
    Pages 155-181
  10. K. Niranjan, S. F. J. Silva
    Pages 183-192
  11. P. Sobral, J. D. De Alvarado, N. E. Zaritzky, J. B. Laurindo, C. Gómez-Guillén, M. C. Añón et al.
    Pages 193-223
  12. M. García, V. Bifani, C. Campos, M. N. Martino, P. Sobral, S. Flores et al.
    Pages 225-241
  13. Gustavo F. Gutiérrez-López, L. Alamilla-Beltrán, J. Chanona-Pérez, E. Parada-Arias, C. Ordorica-Vargas
    Pages 255-263
  14. J. M. Aguilera
    Pages 265-275
  15. J. Chanona-Pérez, R. Quevedo, A. R. Jiménez Aparicio, C. Gumeta Chávez, J. A. Mendoza Pérez, G. Calderón Domínguez et al.
    Pages 277-286
  16. D. Bermúdez, Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas
    Pages 287-294
  17. B. E. Sánchez-Basurto, M. Ramírez-Gilly, A. Tecante
    Pages 307-313
  18. L. Dorantes, J. Araujo, A. Carmona, H. Hernández-Sánchez
    Pages 337-344
  19. R. Deliza, L. H. E. S. Laboissiere, A. Rosenthal, A. M. B. de Marcellini, R. G. Junqueira
    Pages 359-365
  20. K. Hofsetz, C. Costa Lopes, M. Dupas Hubinger, L. Mayor, A. M. Sereno
    Pages 367-373
  21. R. M. Desentis-Mendoza, H. Hernández-Sánchez, M. E. Jaramillo-Flores
    Pages 375-381
  22. S. Ohtake, C. Schebor, J. J. de Pablo
    Pages 383-389
  23. M. V. Filippi, D. B. Genovese, J. E. Lozano
    Pages 391-397
  24. I. Recio, M. Ramos, A. M. R. Pilosof
    Pages 399-414
  25. M. García-Garibay, J. Jiménez-Guzmán, H. Hernández-Sánchez
    Pages 415-430
  26. M. García, A. M. Rojas, J. B. Laurindo, C. A. Romero-Bastida, M. V. E. Grossmann, M. N. Martino et al.
    Pages 431-454
  27. Back Matter
    Pages 469-475

About these proceedings


Food Engineering: Integrated Approaches presents an up-to-date review of important food engineering concepts, issues and recent advances in the field. Distinguished food engineers and food scientists from key institutions worldwide have contributed chapters that provide a deep analysis of their particular subjects. At the same time, each topic is framed within the context of a broader more integrated approach, demonstrating its relationship and interconnectedness to other areas. The premise of this work, therefore, is to offer both a comprehensive understanding of food engineering as a whole and a thorough knowledge of individual subjects. This approach appropriately conveys the basic fundamentals, state-of-the-art technology, and applications of the involved disciplines, and further encourages scientific collaboration among researchers.

This book is mainly directed to academics, and to undergraduate and postgraduate students in food engineering, food science and food technology. Scholars will find a selection of innovative topics ranging from bubbles in food and transport phenomena in food systems to practical food processing applications at the industrial level. Professionals working in food research centers and food industries may also find this book useful.


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  • Gustavo F. Gutiérrez-López
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  • Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas
    • Jorge Welti-Chanes
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    • Efrén Parada-Arias
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    1. 1.Instituto Politécnico NacionalMéxicoMéxico
    2. 2.Universidad de las Américas-PueblaMéxico

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