Drug Absorption Studies

In Situ, In Vitro and In Silico Models

  • Carsten Ehrhardt
  • Kwang-Jin Kim

Part of the Biotechnology: Pharmaceutical Aspects book series (PHARMASP, volume VII)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxii
  2. Perfused Organ Level/In Situ Techniques

    1. Ulrich F. Schaefer, Steffi Hansen, Marc Schneider, Javiana Luengo Contreras, Claus-Michael Lehr
      Pages 3-33
    2. Brendan Griffin, Caitriona O’Driscoll
      Pages 34-76
    3. Hiroaki Yuasa
      Pages 77-88
    4. Remigius U. Agu, Michael I. Ugwoke
      Pages 112-134
    5. Ann Tronde, Cynthia Bosquillon, Ben Forbes
      Pages 135-163
  3. Cellular Level—In Vitro Models of Epithelial and Endothelial Barriers

    1. Tanja Obradovic, Ismael J. Hidalgo
      Pages 167-181
    2. Sven Deferme, Pieter Annaert, Patrick Augustijns
      Pages 182-215
    3. Carsten Ehrhardt, Ben Forbes, Kwang-Jin Kim
      Pages 235-257
    4. Carsten Ehrhardt, Michael Laue, Kwang-Jin Kim
      Pages 258-282
    5. Hovhannes J. Gukasyan, Kwang-Jin Kim, Vincent H.L. Lee
      Pages 307-320
    6. Ken-ichi Hosoya, Masatoshi Tomi
      Pages 321-338
    7. Cheng Li, Sam Wainhaus, Annette S. Uss, Kuo-Chi Cheng
      Pages 418-429
    8. Stephan A. Motz, Michael Bur, Ulrich F. Schaefer, Claus-Michael Lehr
      Pages 430-455
  4. Bioinformatics—In Silico Tools to Predict Drug Absorption

    1. Dirk Neumann
      Pages 459-485
    2. Prabha Garg, Jitender Verma, Nilanjan Roy
      Pages 510-556
  5. Molecular/Sub-Cellular Level—Mechanistic Tools

    1. Tomohiro Terada, Ken-ichi Inui
      Pages 559-576
    2. Carsten Kneuer, Walther Honscha
      Pages 577-597
    3. Stuart A. Ross, William V. Everson, Eric J. Smart
      Pages 598-615
    4. David de Semir Frappart, Rosalie Maurisse, Esther H. Vock, Dieter C. Gruenert
      Pages 616-639
    5. Franz Gabor, Michael Wirth
      Pages 640-662
  6. Regulatory Considerations

  7. Back Matter
    Pages 681-696

About this book


In the last 15 years, a great number of cell- or tissue-based in vitro models have been introduced into the biopharmaceutics arena. These models mimic the different biological barriers that a drug has to overcome to finally reach its target organ/cell/receptor. These in vitro models have been found very useful in not only characterising the permeability behaviour of drugs molecules in epithelial and endothelial tissues, but also studying drug delivery systems for improved delivery and enhanced absorption. Compared to the complex in vivo situation, in vitro models offer a fast, convenient approach with cost advantages most of times. Most importantly, they can be standardised and automatised to be applicable to the high-throughput screening.

Starting at the molecular level of studies, continuing with cell monolayer models (both primary and cell lines) and in situ techniques as a final testing format, the book provides a practical approach to contemporary in vitro techniques for drug absorption studies. In addition, chapters on high-throughput assays, in vitro-in vivo correlation, bioinformatics and regulatory issues are covered, giving a comprehensive overview of available models and techniques. Moreover, an appendix comprised with a number of practical protocols is  available online, updated as needed, should prove very helpful to apply the techniques directly to the benchside.


Assessment Expression Transport bioinformatics biotechnology cell biology cell lines cloning medicine metabolism pharmaceuticals

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  • Kwang-Jin Kim
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  2. 2.Keck School of MedicineUniversity of Southern CaliforniaLos AngelesUSA

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