Integration in Respiratory Control

From Genes to Systems

  • Marc J. Poulin
  • Richard J. A. Wilson

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 605)

Table of contents

  1. Comparative Aspects

    1. Patrick J. Butler, Lewis G. Halsey
      Pages 287-292
    2. William K. Milsom
      Pages 293-298
  2. Central Chemosensitivity

    1. Mykyta Chernov, Robert W. Putnam, J. C. Leiter
      Pages 301-305
    2. Juan M. Cordovez, Chris Clausen, Leon C. Moore, Irene C. Solomon
      Pages 306-311
    3. Joseph S. Erlichman, Robert W. Putnam, J. C. Leiter
      Pages 317-321
    4. Hubert V. Forster, Paul Martino, Matt Hodges, Katie Krause, Josh Bonis, Suzanne Davis et al.
      Pages 322-326
    5. Patrice G. Guyenet, Douglas A. Bayliss, Daniel K. Mulkey, Ruth L. Stornetta, Thiago S. Moreira, Ana T. Takakura
      Pages 327-332
    6. Junya Kuribayashi, Shigeki Sakuraba, Yuki Hosokawa, Eiki Hatori, Miki Tsujita, Junzo Takeda et al.
      Pages 338-342
    7. Nicole L. Nichols, Lynn K. Hartzler, Susan C. Conrad, Jay B. Dean, Robert W. Putnam
      Pages 348-352
    8. Yasumasa Okada, Shun-ichi Kuwana, Haruko Masumiya, Naofumi Kimura, Zibin Chen, Yoshitaka Oku
      Pages 353-357
  3. Brainstem Mechanisms Underlying Cardio-Respiratory Control

  4. Multifunctional and Reconfiguring Networks

    1. Xinnian Chen, Ki H. Chon, Irene C. Solomon
      Pages 401-406
    2. Charles Duvareille, Nathalie Samson, Marie St-Hilaire, Philippe Micheau, Véronique Bournival, Jean-Paul Praud
      Pages 413-417
    3. Nathalie Samson, Charles Duvareille, Marie St-Hilaire, Véronique Clapperton, Jean-Paul Praud
      Pages 418-422
  5. Clinical Perspectives: Modeling and Control of Breathing (i.e., Sleep Apnea)

    1. Kenneth I. Berger, Robert G. Norman, Indu Ayappa, Beno W. Oppenheimer, David M. Rapoport, Roberta M. Goldring
      Pages 431-436
    2. Patricia L. Brooks, John H. Peever
      Pages 437-441
    3. Keith Burgess, Katie Burgess, Prajan Subedi, Phil Ainslie, Zbigniew Topor, William Whitelaw
      Pages 442-446
    4. Chantel T. Debert, Kojiro Ide, Marc J. Poulin
      Pages 452-457
    5. Glen E. Foster, Patrick J. Hanly, Michele Ostrowski, Marc J. Poulin
      Pages 463-468
    6. Musa A. Haxhiu, Prabha Kc, Kannan V. Balan, Christopher G. Wilson, Richard J. Martin
      Pages 469-474
    7. J. Ingemann Jensen, A. Varlese, S. Karan, W. Voter, L. Palmer, D. S. Ward
      Pages 475-479
    8. Jaideep J. Pandit, Ravi M. Mohan, Nicole D. Paterson, M. J. Poulin
      Pages 480-485
    9. Craig D. Steinback, William A. Whitelaw, Marc J. Poulin
      Pages 497-502
    10. Georg M. Stettner, Peter Huppke, Jutta Gärtner, Diethelm W. Richter, Mathias Dutschmann
      Pages 503-507
    11. Martin Wiemann, Stilla Frede, Frank Tschentscher, Heidrun Kiwull-Schöne, Peter Kiwull, Dieter Bingmann et al.
      Pages 508-513
    12. Helen E. Wood, Trisha L. Semon, Laurie A. Comeau, Belinda Schwartz, Rebecca M. MacDougall, Marilyn N. Klocko et al.
      Pages 514-518
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 519-541

About this book


Like the geological treasures that surely must lie below the Athabasca glacier, some of the answers to key questions about the control of respiration remain buried. But bit by bit, year by year the ice is melting and perhaps in some areas the rocks are starting to be revealed. With a mission to advance our understanding of the emerging th th gems of respiration, the X Oxford Conference was held between 19–24 September (2006) next to the turquoise and tranquil waters of Lake Louise, in the middle of Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. Since its inauguration 30 years ago in Oxford, the Oxford Conference on mo- ling and control of breathing has been held every three years in locations spanning the globe (a list of past conferences and publications that have emerged is included in the pages that follow). The series has provided key opportunities for respiratory scientists to meet with colleagues, discuss recent advances and celebrate their field. The 2006 Lake Louise meeting was Canada’s second Oxford Conference; the th previous Canadian meeting (the VII Oxford Conference) was held in 1997 at the Grandview Inn in Huntsville (Ontario) and was chaired by Richard Hughson, David Cunningham and Jim Duffin.


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