Discrete Multivariate Analysis Theory and Practice

  • Yvonne M. M. Bishop
  • Stephen E. Fienberg
  • Paul W. Holland

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"At last, after a decade of mounting interest in log-linear and related models for the analysis of discrete multivariate data, particularly in the form of multidimensional tables, we now have a comprehensive text and general reference on the subject. Even a mediocre attempt to organize the extensive and widely scattered literature on discrete multivariate analysis would be welcome; happily, this is an excellent such effort, but a group of Harvard statisticians taht has contributed much to the field. Their book ought to serve as a basic guide to the analysis of quantitative data for years to come." --James R. Beninger, Contemporary Sociology

"A welcome addition to multivariate analysis. The discussion is lucid and very leisurely, excellently illustrated with applications drawn from a wide variety of fields. A good part of the book can be understood without very specialized statistical knowledge. It is a most welcome contribution to an interesting and lively subject." --D.R. Cox, Nature

"Discrete Multivariate Analysis is an ambitious attempt to present log-linear models to a broad audience. Exposition is quite discursive, and the mathematical level, except in Chapters 12 and 14, is very elementary. To illustrate possible applications, some 60 different sets of data have been gathered together from diverse fields. To aid the reader, an index of these examples has been provided. ...the book contains a wealth of material on important topics. Its numerous examples are especially valuable." --Shelby J. Haberman, The Annals of Statistics


Excel Likelihood asymptotic theory best fit categorical data analysis contingency tables log-linear models measures of association and agreement

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  • Yvonne M. M. Bishop
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  • Paul W. Holland
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