The Science of Life and Light

  • Lars Olof Björn

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXII
  2. Lars Olof Björn
    Pages 51-67
  3. Lars Olof Björn
    Pages 69-91
  4. Lars Olof Björn
    Pages 123-130
  5. Raymond C. Smith, Curtis D. Mobley
    Pages 131-138
  6. Lars Olof Björn
    Pages 139-154
  7. Lars Olof Björn, Helen Ghiradella
    Pages 155-196
  8. Lars Olof Björn
    Pages 223-253
  9. Lars Olof Björn, Govindjee
    Pages 255-287
  10. Anders Johnsson, Wolfgang Engelmann
    Pages 321-388
  11. David Saunders
    Pages 389-416
  12. James L. Weller, Richard E. Kendrick
    Pages 417-463
  13. Rachel Muheim
    Pages 465-478
  14. Lars Olof Björn, Pirjo Huovinen
    Pages 479-502
  15. Lars Olof Björn, Richard L. McKenzie
    Pages 503-530
  16. Lars Olof Björn
    Pages 531-552
  17. Mary Norval
    Pages 553-576
  18. Theresa Jurkowitsch, Robert Knobler
    Pages 577-590
  19. Lars Olof Björn, Helen Ghiradella
    Pages 591-615
  20. Lars Olof Björn
    Pages 617-645
  21. Lars Olof Björn
    Pages 647-658
  22. Back Matter
    Pages 659-684

About this book


Since the publication of the first edition in 2002, there has been an explosion of new knowledge in the field of photobiology.

Photobiology: The Science of Life and Light, Second edition, is fully updated and offers eight new chapters for a comprehensive look at photobiology. The chapters cover all areas of photobiology, photochemistry, and relationship between light and biology, each with up-to-date references. The chapter authors (of which seven are new) have very different backgrounds, and have produced a truly cross-disciplinary treatise.

The book starts with the physics and chemistry of light, and how to handle light in the laboratory and measure it in the field, the properties of daylight, and new uses of light in research. It deals with the evolution of photosynthesis and with the mechanisms of its primary steps. Four chapters deal with how organisms use light for their orientation in space and time: the biological clock and its resetting by light, the light-dependent magnetic compass, and photoperiodism in animals and plants. There are also several medically oriented chapters and two chapters specifically aimed at the photobiology educator.

The book is suitable for biologically interested readers at different levels from undergraduates to professors, researchers and medical doctors.


About the Editor:

Lars Olof Björn is professor emeritus at Lund University and has earned several prizes for popularizing science, as well as a Linnaeus prize for botany and a Rimington prize for photobiology. He is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and was on the board of the International Photobiology Association for twelve years.


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