The Genus Yersinia

From Genomics to Function

  • Robert D. Perry
  • Jacqueline D. Fetherston

Part of the Advances In Experimental Medicine And Biology book series (AEMB, volume 603)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiv
  2. Genomics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Nicholas R. Thomson, Michael B. Prentice, Brendan W. Wren, Sarah Howard
      Pages 2-16
    3. Emilio Garcia, Patrick Chain, Patricia Worsham, Scott W. Bearden, Stephanie Malfatti, Dorothy Lang et al.
      Pages 17-22
    4. Andrey P. Anisimov, Svetlana V. Dentovskaya, Tat'yana E. Svetoch, Evgeniy A. Panfertsev
      Pages 23-27
  3. Structure and Metabolism

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 43-43
    2. Mikael Skurnik
      Pages 44-73
    3. Yuriy A. Knirel, Nina A. Kocharova, Galina M. Titareva, Irina V. Bakhteeva, Sof'ya N. Senchenkova, Olga V. Bystrova et al.
      Pages 88-96
    4. Suleyman Felek, Eric S. Krukonis, David G. Thanassi, Lisa M. Runco
      Pages 97-105
    5. Brian W. Wortham, Marcos A. Oliveira, Chandra N. Patel
      Pages 106-115
  4. Regulatory Mechanisms

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 130-130
    2. Ann Kathrin Heroven, Petra Dersch, Hien Tran-Winkler, Katja Böhme
      Pages 156-166
    3. Alexander G. Bobrov, Arwa Abu Khweek, Robert D. Perry, Kenneth D. Parrish, Jacqueline D. Fetherston, Scott W. Bearden
      Pages 178-191
    4. Viveka Vadyvaloo, Florent Sebbane, B. Joseph Hinnebusch, Daniel Sturdevant, Clayton Jarrett
      Pages 192-200
    5. Alexander G. Bobrov, Olga Kirillina, Robert D. Perry
      Pages 201-210
    6. Shirly Mildiner-Earley, Virginia L. Miller, Kimberly A. Walker
      Pages 211-216
    7. Jason A. Rosenzweig, Kurt Schesser
      Pages 217-224
    8. Mohamad A. Hamad, Matthew L. Nilles
      Pages 225-234
  5. Pathogenesis and Host Interactions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 246-246
    2. Nick Waterfield, Michelle Hares, Richard ffrench-Constant, Brendan W. Wren, Stewart Hinchliffe
      Pages 247-257
    3. Moa Lavander, Åke Forsberg, Jeanette E. Bröms, Solveig K. Ericsson
      Pages 258-267
    4. Marjo Suomalainen, Johanna Haiko, Maini Kukkonen, Timo K. Korhonen, Kaarina Lähteenmäki, Ritva Virkola et al.
      Pages 268-278
    5. Konrad Trülzsch, Jürgen Heesemann, Mark F. Oellerich
      Pages 279-285
    6. Emanuelle Mamroud, Ayelet Zauberman, Avigdor Shafferman, Sara Cohen, Yehuda Flashner, Baruch Velan
      Pages 312-320
  6. Molecular Epidemiology and Detection

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 321-321
    2. Alexandre J. L. Leclercq, Elisabeth Carniel, Viviane Chenal-Francisque, Gabriela Torrea
      Pages 322-326
    3. Gilles Vergnaud, Dongsheng Zhou, Mikhail E. Platonov, Christine Pourcel, Ruifu Yang, Andrey P. Anisimov et al.
      Pages 327-338
    4. Raphael Ber, Moshe Aftalion, Sara Cohen, Yehuda Flashner, Emanuelle Mamroud, David Gur et al.
      Pages 339-350
    5. Gerlane Souza, Alzira Almeida, Alexandra Farias, Nilma Leal, Frederico Abath
      Pages 351-359
  7. Vaccine and Antimicrobial Therapy Development

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 360-360
    2. Benoit Foligné, Joëlle Dewulf, Bruno Pot, Catherine Daniel, Michel Simonet, Sabine Poiret et al.
      Pages 361-366
    3. Brian S. Murphy, Susan C. Straley, Beth A. Garvy, Christine R. Wulf
      Pages 400-414
    4. Claire Cornelius, Olaf Schneewind, Deborah Anderson, Lauriane Quenee
      Pages 415-424
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 425-429

About this book


The 9th International Symposium on Yersinia was held in Lexington, Kentucky, USA on October 10-14, 2006. Over 250 Yersinia researchers from 18 countries gathered to present and discuss their research. In addition to 37 oral presentations, there were 150 poster presentations. This Symposium volume is based on selected presentations from the meeting and contains both reviews and research articles. It is divided into six topic areas: 1) genomics; 2) structure and metabolism; 3) regulatory mechanisms; 4) pathogenesis and host interactions; 5) molecular epidemiology and detection; and 6) vaccine and antimicrobial therapy development. Consequently, this volume covers a wide range of current research areas in the Yersinia field.


antigen antimicrobial antimicrobial therapy bacteria emerging infectious infection infectious infectious disease vaccine

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