Data Mining in Biomedicine

  • Panos M. Pardalos
  • Vladimir L. Boginski
  • Alkis Vazacopoulos

Part of the Springer Optimization and Its Applications book series (SOIA, volume 7)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Recent Methodological Developments for Data Mining Problems in Biomedicine

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Sorin Alexe, Peter L. Hammer
      Pages 3-23
    3. Stanislav Busygin, Panos M. Pardalos
      Pages 25-37
    4. Dechang Chen, Zhe Zhang, Zhenqiu Liu, Xiuzhen Cheng
      Pages 39-46
    5. Zhenqiu Liu, Dechang Chen, Xue-wen Chen
      Pages 47-57
    6. Mukund Deshpande, Michihiro Kuramochi, George Karypis
      Pages 59-90
    7. Pando Georgiev, Fabian Theis, Andrzej Cichocki, Hovagim Bakardjian
      Pages 91-116
    8. Anthony Okafor, Panos Pardalos, Michelle Ragle
      Pages 117-131
    9. Weili Wu, Yingshu Li, Chih-hao Huang, Ding-Zhu Du
      Pages 133-139
    10. Hyunki Kim, Su-Shing Chen
      Pages 177-189
  3. Data Mining Techniques in Disease Diagnosis

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 191-191
    2. M. W. Brauner, N. Brauner, P. L. Hammer, I. Lozina, D. Valeyre
      Pages 193-208
    3. Giacomo Patrizi, Gabriella Addonisio, Costas Giannakakis, Andrea Onetti Muda, Gregorio Patrizi, Tullio Faraggiana
      Pages 209-230
    4. Giacomo Patrizi, Gregorio Patrizi, Luigi Di Cioccio, Claudia Bauco
      Pages 231-258
  4. Data Mining Studies in Genomics and Proteomics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 259-259
    2. Budi Santosa, Tyrrell Conway, Theodore Trafalis
      Pages 261-274
    3. Cláudio N. Meneses, Carlos A. S. Oliveira, Panos M. Pardalos
      Pages 275-290
    4. Maria Luisa Chiusano, Luigi Frusciante, Gerardo Toraldo
      Pages 291-320
    5. Halima Bensmail, O. John Semmes, Abdelali Haoudi
      Pages 339-362
    6. Su-Shing Chen, William E. Haskins, Andrew K. Ottens, Ronald L. Hayes, Nancy Denslow, Kevin K. W. Wang
      Pages 363-387
  5. Characterization and Prediction of Protein Structure

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 389-389
    2. G. Ceci, A. Mucherino, M. D’Apuzzo, D. Di Serafino, S. Costantini, A. Facchiano et al.
      Pages 391-429
    3. Bala Krishnamoorthy, Scott Provan, Alexander Tropsha
      Pages 431-455
  6. Applications of Data Mining Techniques to Brain Dynamics Studies

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 457-457
    2. W. Chaovalitwongse, P. M. Pardalos, L. D. Iasemidis, W. Suharitdamrong, D. -S. Shiau, L. K. Dance et al.
      Pages 459-481
    3. S. Sabesan, K. Narayanan, A. Prasad, L. D. Iasemidis, A. Spanias, K. Tsakalis
      Pages 483-503
    4. Panos M. Pardalos, Vitaliy A. Yatsenko
      Pages 505-515
    5. D. -S. Shiau, L. D. Iasemidis, M. C. K. Yang, P. M. Pardalos, P. R. Carney, L. K. Dance et al.
      Pages 517-533
    6. S. P. Nair, D. -S. Shiau, L. D. Iasemidis, W. M. Norman, P. M. Pardalos, J. C. Sackellares et al.
      Pages 535-558
    7. Oleg A. Prokopyev, Vladimir L. Boginski, Wanpracha Chaovalitwongse, Panos M. Pardalos, J. Chris Sackellares, Paul R. Carney
      Pages 559-573
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 575-579

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  • Vladimir L. Boginski
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  • Alkis Vazacopoulos
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