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Hormonal Carcinogenesis V

  • Jonathan J. Li
  • Sara A. Li
  • Suresh Mohla
  • Henri Rochefort
  • Thierry Maudelonde


  • A special emphasis will continue to be placed on the two major endocrine-related cancers, that is, breast and prostate.

  • Other highly relevant cancers to be addressed are ovarian and endometrial.

  • Emerging fields that will be examined are colon, lung, and pancreatic cancers in relation to hormones


Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 617)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xlvi
  2. Symposium Address

  3. State of the Art Speakers

    1. Bryan T. Hennessy, Mandi Murph, Meera Nanjundan, Mark Carey, Nelly Auersperg, Jonas Almeida et al.
      Pages 23-40
    2. Patrick Salaun, Yoann Rannou, Prigent Claude
      Pages 41-56
  4. Celluar Origins of Endocrine-related Cancers

    1. Gilbert H. Smith
      Pages 69-78
    2. Robert B. Clarke, Andrew H. Sims, Anthony Howell
      Pages 79-86
  5. Mitotic Kinases, Centrosome Amplification, and Genomic Instability

  6. New Developments in Steroid Receptor Interactions

    1. Vanessa Duong, Patrick Augereau, Eric Badia, Stéphan Jalaguier, Vincent Cavailles
      Pages 121-127
    2. Raphaël Métivier, Guillaume Huet, Rozenn Gallais, Laurence Finot, Fabien Petit, Christophe Tiffoche et al.
      Pages 129-138
    3. Pascal Roger, Majida Esslimani-Sahla, Christophe Delfour, Gwendal Lazennec, Henri Rochefort, Thierry Maudelonde
      Pages 139-148
  7. Risk Assessment and Relevant Early Biomarkers

    1. Stephen G. Hillier, Michael T. Rae, Oliver Gubbay
      Pages 171-178
    2. Elanie A. Ostrander, Bo Johannesson
      Pages 179-190
  8. Novel Strategies for Preventing and Treatment of Endocrine-related Cancers

    1. Christopher J. Logothetis
      Pages 193-199
    2. Anthony Howell, Nigel J. Bundred, Jack Cuzick, D. Craig Allred, Robert Clarke
      Pages 201-211

About this book


Information gathered from cell-free systems, cell cultures, animal models, and human studies, together will (1) provide important insights to our understanding of hormonal cancer causation, development, and prevention; (2) be the primary objective of these Symposia.


Breast cancer Cancer Prevention Endometrial Cancer Hormonal Carcinogenesis Lung Cancer Mammary Cancer Ovarian cancer Prostate Cancer Stem Cells Women's health estrogen receptor genes hormone signaling molecular biology signaling pathways

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