Everglades Experiments

Lessons for Ecosystem Restoration

  • Curtis J. Richardson

Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 201)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Everglades Ecosystem

    1. Curtis J. Richardson
      Pages 1-10
    2. Christopher B. Craft, Curtis J. Richardson
      Pages 59-72
    3. Curtis J. Richardson, Jan Vymazal, John G. Zahina
      Pages 73-93
  3. Nutrient and Hydrologic Gradient Studies

    1. Curtis J. Richardson
      Pages 97-101
    2. Curtis J. Richardson, James W. Pahl, Jan Vymazal, Panchabi Vaithiyanathan, Robert G. Qualls, P. V. Sundareshwar et al.
      Pages 103-165
    3. Edwin A. Romanowicz, Curtis J. Richardson
      Pages 167-189
    4. Kirsten Hofmockel, Curtis J. Richardson, Patrick N. Halpin
      Pages 191-214
    5. Jan Vymazal, Jaroslava Komárková, Klára Řeháková, Jan Kaštovský, Marek Bastl
      Pages 261-275
    6. Sherri R. Cooper, Michelle Goman, Curtis J. Richardson
      Pages 321-350
    7. Robert G. Qualls, Curtis J. Richardson
      Pages 351-370
  4. Everglades Experiments

    1. Phosphorus Dosing

      1. Curtis J. Richardson, Panchabi Vaithiyanathan, Robert G. Qualls, Mark B. Bush, Craig A. Stow, Mengchi Ho
        Pages 385-416
      2. Curtis J. Richardson, Robert G. Qualls, Jan Vymazal, John G. Zahina, Panchabi Vaithiyanathan
        Pages 417-439
      3. Jan Kaštovský, Klára Řeháková, Marek Bastl, Jan Vymazal, Ryan S. King
        Pages 461-475
    2. Fertilizer Experiments

      1. Jan Vymazal, Christopher B. Craft, Curtis J. Richardson
        Pages 505-527
    3. Disturbance Experiments

      1. Curtis J. Richardson, Alisa Dickson, Mengchi Ho
        Pages 531-544
    4. Germination Experiments

      1. Sarah C. Goslee, Curtis J. Richardson
        Pages 547-564
  5. Modeling Ecosystem Responses to Phosphorus Additions

    1. Curtis J. Richardson, Song S. Qian
      Pages 567-578
    2. Curtis J. Richardson, Ryan S. King, Song S. Qian, Panchabi Vaithiyanathan, Robert G. Qualls, Craig A. Stow
      Pages 595-617
  6. Lessons for Restoration of the Everglades

  7. Back Matter
    Pages 643-698

About this book


Covering more than 4,300 square miles in Southern Florida, the Everglades are the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. It has been designated an International Biosphere Reserve, a World Heritage Site, and a Wetland of International Importance, in recognition of its significance to all the people of the world. However, it is apparent that the Everglades have undergone radical changes in both water flow and water quality over the years.

The Everglades Experiments: Lessons for Ecosystem Restoration is a synthesis of the key findings and a summary of the experiments conducted during a fourteen-year period (1989-2003) by the Duke University Wetland Center and its partner institutions. Synthesized by Curtis J. Richardson, the findings are the result of extensive experimental research on the effects of water, nutrients, and fire on the Everglades communities. The research focused on such key questions as:

  • What are the effects of increased nutrient and water inputs on the native plant and animal communities?
  • What is the long-term nutrient storage capacity of the Everglades? and
  • How can water management in the Everglades be improved to maintain the natural communities?

This work covers both the structural and functional responses of the Everglades ecosystem via experimental and gradient studies on microbial activity, algal responses, macroinvertebrate populations, macrophyte populations, and productivity in response to alterations to nutrients in soil and water, hydrologic changes, and fire. Importantly, this volume reclassifies the Everglades, provides a comparison of historic and current ecological processes, and presents a new working hydrologic paradigm, which collectively provides essential lessons for the restoration of this vast peatland complex.


Biom Everglades Vegetation algae ecology ecosystem environment environmental changes flow pattern hydrology mesocosm nutrient water chemistry water management wetland

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