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Space Exploration 2007

  • The first regular space exploration annual

  • Written at an accessible level for both young and older space enthusiasts

  • Provides a regular, balanced review of all the world’s major space programmes, past, present and future

  • Will detail annual statistical material on space developments

  • Will have a strong appeal to younger enthusiasts and be a perfect Christmas gift


Part of the Springer Praxis Books book series (PRAXIS)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Brian Harvey
    Pages 1-24
  3. Neville Kidger
    Pages 26-37
  4. David Harland
    Pages 38-48
  5. Sean Solomon, Ralph McNutt
    Pages 49-57
  6. David Harland
    Pages 58-67
  7. Richard Greenberg
    Pages 68-79
  8. David Harland
    Pages 80-89
  9. Rosaly Lopes
    Pages 90-97
  10. John Mason
    Pages 98-111
  11. John Catchpole
    Pages 112-121
  12. Laurent de Angelis
    Pages 134-143
  13. Paolo Ulivi
    Pages 144-151
  14. Bart Hendricx
    Pages 152-161

About this book


The aim of the Space Exploration - 2007 is to provide an annual update on recent space launches, missions and results, to be published every year in September. The annual will cover space exploration from a variety of angles: looking back at past missions, reviewing those currently under way and looking to those planned for the future. The ten invited contributions each year will cover a variety of topics within these areas, to appeal to a wide readership.

The regular set features, which will appear every year, will include records noting satellite and rocket launches in the previous year and satellite recoveries; analysis of developments and emerging trends in space exploration; notes on records and main feats during the year; basic data on all launchers currently in operation; schedules of upcoming missions; anniversaries and landmarks.


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Authors and affiliations

  1. 1.Terenure, Dublin 6WIreland

About the authors

Brian Harvey is the author of ‘The New Russian space programme’, ‘Russia in space - the Failed Frontier?’ (2001), ‘Two Roads into Space - the Japanese and Indian Space Programmes’ (1998), ‘The Chinese space Programme - from Conception to Future Capabilities’ (1997), ‘China's Space Program’ (2004), ‘Europe’s Space Programme’ (2003), ‘Two Roads to the Moon’ (with Dave Shayler)(forthcoming), ‘Russian Planetary Exploration’ (forthcoming), all Praxis titles. He is also a writer of articles on spaceflight for Astronomy Now, Orbit, Spaceflight, Journal of the British Interplanetary Society (JBIS), Space Chronicle, Astronomy & Space, Sunday Press, Quest, Irish Independent. Broadcaster for RTE, BBC (Radio 4, World Service), Canadian Broadcasting. Brian Harvey is therefore ideally suited as the editor of Latest in Space - 2007.

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From the reviews:

"Space Exploration 2007, includes articles about building the International Space Station, results of the exploration of Mars, intercepting comets and asteroids, the latest data from space missions to Jupiter’s moons, and more. With photographs on almost every page, the annual will interest space enthusiasts from teenagers through to professionals working in the worldwide space industry and journalists covering space issues."(EurekAlert!, October, 2006)

"At last a space book with a sense of humour! … here we have a book for space enthusiasts of all ages. The collection of contemporary articles provide a useful ‘end of year’ summary on the kind of subjects you would expect … . There are also useful charts and tables … . Space Exploration 2007 is a great Christmas gift and promises to be a classic in the making." (Clive Simpson, Spaceflight, Vol. 49, January, 2007)

"This is the first in what is going to become an annual publication covering current events in space events in space exploration. Its large format an extensive use of color make it both attractive and informative, and should appeal to space enthusiasts of all ages. … All chapters also include references for further reading, which is a nice touch." (Liftoff, Issue 238, 2007)

"It is clearly to design to appeal to the space enthusiast and most likely aimed at the Christmas market. … the material in the book is pitched at a teen- or adult-level readership. … the articles in the book are informative and generally well written, there are copious illustrations, and the price of the book is modest. I would say that this book is worth considering for the space junkie in your family." (Steve Bell, The Observatory, Vol. 27, 2008)