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Quantum Information

An Overview


  • Unlike other books in quantum information and computing, this book is intended to be concise and to the point making it useful in practical context of reading journal articles, performing research calculations or problems in graduate courses in physics and engineering

  • Unlike shorter books, this is intended for practitioners and students in their daily investigations

  • Brings together this information from its various sources, allows researchers and students in a broad range of areas including physics, photonics, solid-state electronics, nuclear magnetic resonance and information technology, in their applied and theoretical branches, to have this vital material directly at hand when needed


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About this book


This book is a comprehensive yet concise overview of quantum information science, which is a rapidly developing area of interdisciplinary investigation that now plays a significant role in physics, information technology and engineering. It is a handy reference for practitioners and students covering quantum mechanics, quantum key distribution, quantum computation and quantum communication, as well as explicating foundational issues of these topics. Specific protocols for quantum coding, quantum teleportation, quantum key distribution, quantum data compression and entanglement purification are discussed, as are quantum algorithms, including the Deutsch-Jozsa, Shor and Grover algorithms. Appendices on the mathematics of quantum information science and postulates of quantum mechanics are included. The book contains more than 25 illustrations that encapsulate essential ideas and fundamental constructs of quantum information science. The bibliography contains more than 400 articles from the literature of quantum mechanics and information science. Foreword by Prof. Tommaso Toffoli.


distribution entropy interferometer interferometry photonics quantum physics

Authors and affiliations

  1. 1.Quantum Imaging Laboratory Department of Electrical and Computer EngineeringBoston UniversityBostonUSA
  2. 2.Department of Natural SciencesCollege of General StudiesBostonUSA

About the authors

Dr. Jaeger is a professor at Boston University, where he earned his Ph.D. in Physics with Abner Shimony in 1995.  He has published in a number of areas, including quantum computing, quantum cryptography, foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum metrology, and the history and philosophy of science. He was worked in academia and industry in the United States and Europe as a research director and investigator in quantum information science and quantum metrology. As a member of the Quantum Imaging Laboratory at Boston University’s Photonics Center, along with colleagues at Harvard University and BBN Technologies, he helped build the world’s first practical metropolitan area quantum cryptographic network, the DARPA Quantum Network Test-bed, serving as principal quantum entanglement theorist.

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From the reviews:

"This is a comprehensive overview of quantum information, including computation, communication and cryptography. … The bibliography is extremely comprehensive. The book can be recommended as a useful resource for researchers in any area of quantum information, including those who are familiar with one topic and wish to enter another." (Simon J. Gay, Mathematical Reviews, Issue 2009 c)

"As the title states, this book provides a concise overview over quantum information theory … . This is … a nice book which can be recommended to researchers in other fields who wants to get a fast and sound overview over the subject. It is also suitable for students learning quantum information theory … . For researchers working in quantum information theory it … can serve as a compact reference book." (Michael Keyl, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1166, 2009)