The Air Spora

A manual for catching and identifying airborne biological particles

  • Editors
  • Maureen E. Lacey
  • Jonathan S. West

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About this book


The Air Spora is an illustrated guide to trapping, identifying and quantifying airborne biological particles such as fungus and plant spores and pollen. This book will be of use to anyone interested in aerobiology or studying applied aspects such as dispersal and effect of allergens, or human, animal and plant pathogens. Including a comprehensive review of what is in the air and detailing the historical development of theories leading to modern aerobiology, the book explains the fundamental processes behind airborne dispersal and techniques used to sample, identify and quantify biological particles. Methods are explained in a step-by-step guide for the use of standard air sampling devices. Although formats applicable to modern molecular and immunological techniques are described, the emphasis of the book is on simple visual identification of particles in air samples using traditional microscopy. Consequently a chapter on setting-up and using a light microscope is included, although experienced researchers can skip to chapters showing photographs of examples of the Air Spora and nine colour plates of paintings of airborne particles at a magnification of x1000.


"I recommend this book to those actively running or thinking of running a pollen and spore trapping program. It will also be of value to doctors, allergists, and those teaching the basics of palynology, wishing to include a lecture or two on air spora."

David M. Jarzen, Florida Museum of Natural History

In: The Newsletter of the American Association Of Stratigraphic Palynologists, 2007(40:2)


Aerobiology Allergy Bur Paintings Plant Pathology Pollen Spores plant pathogens

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