Fundamentals of Family Medicine

The Family Medicine Clerkship Textbook

  • Robert B. Taylor
  • Alan K. David
  • Scott A. Fields
  • D. Melessa Phillips
  • Joseph E. Scherger

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XVIII
  2. Robert B. Taylor
    Pages 1-18
  3. Anthony F. Jerant
    Pages 19-56
  4. Margaret V. Elizondo, Joseph E. Scherger
    Pages 57-75
  5. Richard B. Lewan, Christopher R. Wood, Bruce Ambuel
    Pages 76-109
  6. James P. Richardson, Aubrey L. Knight
    Pages 110-132
  7. Valerie J. Gilchrist
    Pages 133-147
  8. Anne D. Walling
    Pages 148-168
  9. Stephen A. Brunton
    Pages 169-190
  10. Paul Evans, William F. Miser
    Pages 191-207
  11. George L. Kirkpatrick
    Pages 208-225
  12. William F. Miser
    Pages 226-241
  13. Jim Nuovo
    Pages 242-269
  14. Howard N. Weinberg
    Pages 270-287
  15. Alan M. Adelman, Peter R. Lewis
    Pages 288-303
  16. Boyd L. Bailey Jr.
    Pages 304-321
  17. Mary Willard
    Pages 322-336
  18. Walter L. Calmbach
    Pages 337-369
  19. Alicia D. Monroe, John B. Murphy
    Pages 370-377
  20. Daniel J. Van Durme
    Pages 378-401
  21. Charles Kent Smith, John P. Sheehan, Margaret M. Ulchaker
    Pages 402-429
  22. Steven P. Bromer, Ronald H. Goldschmidt
    Pages 430-449
  23. Deborah S. McPherson
    Pages 450-469
  24. Rupert R. Goetz, Scott A. Fields, William L. Toffler
    Pages 470-486
  25. Bryan J. Campbell, Douglas J. Campbell
    Pages 487-513
  26. Michael L. Tuggy, Cora Collette Breuner
    Pages 514-537
  27. Frank S. Celestino
    Pages 538-552
  28. Cheryl A. Flynn, Allen F. Shaughnessy, David C. Slawson
    Pages 577-591
  29. Back Matter
    Pages 593-608

About this book


Fundamentals of Family Medicine, Third Edition, describes the current approach to common problems in family practice. The book tells how family physicians provide high-quality, comprehensive, and ongoing health care for patients and families, based on current evidence and time-tested methods in clinical practice.

Clinical scenarios that include case studies and questions for group discussion reinforce the book's clinical topics. The clinical scenarios all concern members of the Nelson family- a multigenerational extended family whose members visit the family physician with a variety of health concerns and whose dynamics evolve from chapter to chapter. The discussion questions allow the group to consider both the biomedical and psychosocial aspects of problems such as headache, obstructive airway disease, diabetes mellitus, athletic injuries, domestic violence, care of the dying patient, and the family physicians's role in dealing with terrorist events.

The book is intended to be a reference source for the care of diseases family physicians are likely to see and as the course textbook for medical students in family medicine clerkships in medical school. This book will help health professionals provide up-to-date care for their patients, and will allow students to view clinical issues through the eyes of the family physician.

Fundamentals of Family Medicine, Third Edition, ideally is used as a companion to Family Medicine: Principles and Practice, Sixth Edition, edited by Robert B. Taylor et al.


Diabetes Diabetes mellitus Gastritis care infection medicine pregnancy prevention

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  • Alan K. David
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  • Scott A. Fields
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  • D. Melessa Phillips
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  • Joseph E. Scherger
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  2. 2.Department of Family and Community MedicineMedical College of WisconsinMilwaukeeUSA
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