Properties, Characterizations, and Applications

  • Joon Park

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Bioceramics: Properties, Characterizations, and Applications is a general introduction to the uses of ceramics and glasses in the human body for the purposes of aiding, healing, correcting deformities, and restoring lost function. With over 35 years experience, the author developed the text as an outgrowth of a course for senior and beginning graduate students in biomedical engineering and will emphasize the fundamentals and applications in modern implant fabrication, and will also deal with tissue engineering scaffolds made of ceramics.
Organized as a textbook for the student needing to acquire the core competencies, it will meet the demands of advanced undergraduate or graduate coursework in bioceramics, biomaterials, biomedical engineering, and biophysics.
Key Features:
 Detailed illustrations
 Example problems to provide the student with hands-on experience with concepts
 Extensive appendices and tutorial materials on new developments including expanded treatment of ceramic materials and implants
 Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
 Detailed references for further reading
About the Author:
Joon Park is a Professor in the Biomedical Engineering Department at the College of Engineering at the University of Iowa.


Biomaterial biomedical engineering bone cement ceramics tissue tissue engineering

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